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Paddy and Mick, Lost at sea

Paddy and Mick were in a lifeboat after their Irish freighter had suddenly caught fire and sunk. While he was rummaging about through the boats provisions Paddy found an old lamp and thought ...."Bejasus, why not?" and began to rub it furiously, sure enough out popped a genie. The genie announced that on this occasion he was only able to grant just one wish. instead of the usual three.
Without hesitation, Paddy blurted out "Turn the entire ocean into Guinness"
The genie clapped his hands and suddenly the sea around them became foamy black Guinness.
As the genie disappeared Paddy leaned over the side and took a great long drink of the best Guinness he'd ever tasted in his life.
When he'd finished, he sat back, foam dripping from his chin...
Mick looked at Paddy with disgust and after several tension filled seconds... said...."Nice going Paddy.....now we're gonna have to piss in the boat !!!"

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