Paddy Adair

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by VANDAMME, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. After Gulf 1 the sheik needed all the oil fires putting out so he rang Red Adair the infamous Canadian fire fighter.
    Hello Red it's the sheik here I need you to come over and put some fires out for me, I will give you $1m for eveyone you extinguish.
    Gee sorry sheik, im all busied up with forest fires in Australia, why dont you try my cousin Paddy Adair in Dublin

    Hello Paddy, its the Sheik here, I got your number from Red, listen can you come over and put some fires out for us, Ille give you £1m for every fire you douse
    Ah well sheik you see well i could but gettin dere wut be a problem for me an da lads you know.
    Dont worry Paddy, I will send a transport plane to collect you.

    Paddy busies himself getting a few lads together, some fire beaters and extuingushers from the pub, loads it all into a beat up manky old transit and sets off.

    8 hours later the plane touches down in the desert, great big clouds of dust and the noise of the engines give way to this transit van screaming out of the back of the plane, engine revving arms waving lots of screaming and shouthing across the desert and crashes straight into an oil well fire

    The fire goes out and the sheik is overwhelmed he rushes to paddy hugs him, kisses him and hands over the $1m for putting out the fire
    Paddy, says the sheik, $1m is a lot of money, can I ask what you intend to do with it, maybe invest into your company?
    No sheik...I tink da fust thing will be to get the fecking breaks fixed on the van