Paddick can't even get into the Lords.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Boumer, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. You know you've hit rock bottom when your party won't even put you into the Lords.

    Former Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Brian Paddick is kept from seat in the House of Lords - Telegraph

    It does sound like bitchiness.

    But for a man who clearly thought he should be Commissioner. Then he should be Mayor (those pesky voters).

    Oh that must burn.

    Somewhere a pink teddy is being thrown.

    Bit sad to see the Lords regarded in this way by party hacks. Once upon a time it would have been filled with war heroes and business people. The latter bought their way in, but at least they did something prior to that.
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  2. “He had more than done his bit for his party and this would have represented a well-deserved pay-off for him.”

    Like what? Lost a couple of elections? is that what is expected of a loyal LibDem? Oh.................
  3. I do not habitually comment on the mediocrities that jostle for a place in the house of Lords, via the dirty world of politics. I am not going to change that policy for this useless, feckless, spineless, dope fiend knobber. No, I will not get off the fence.
  4. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    There is no way this man (debatable), will gat into the Lords. Not in the conventional way any way.
  5. I am sure their Lordships will cope perfectly well without his input.
  6. “He had more than done his bit for his party and this would have represented a well-deserved pay-off for him.”

    If that is the criteria for getting into the House of Lords, then arise Lord Whet of Fuckwittery!
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  7. Don't you mean "Wake up, Lord Whet..."?
  8. I am sure Brian liked the idea of being a Dame. I could free up some time and become active in the upper house as well. I could possibly even pop down the corridoor and belt the MP for Falkirk.
  9. I Suspect Lord Mandlebum of Guacamole, residing at Rue des Matelots, would be very glad of his input and would be delighted to arrange back-door entry for him :wink:
  10. Knew I should have put this in the NAAFI!

    But I was just thinking of not-even-run politicians, he's not even a has been!
  11. So Paddick's hit rock bottom, has he? The games these queers get up to!
  12. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Paddick's problem is that the Liberals don't mind people being queer as long as they keep it in the closet, prefereably with a wife and children firmly in front of the door. Since he left eh police 10(?) years ago he's achieved nothing but lose mayoral elections on a regular but infrequent basis. Even by the poor standards applied he's got little to offer
  13. Never mind Paddick, Here's someone parliament is better off without.

    Wendy M. Harbon (usually known as Wendy M. Harbon[disabled] ), is aiming to be Baroness Gurkha of Crich
    and apparently has an army of sponsors according to her partner David Hughes (usually known as David MC Hughes[Veteran & Disabled] )

    Wendy and David (also known as Gurkha Mum and Gurkha Godfather) were both 'disabled in the line of duty'
    She injured her arm in a car accident and he having been beaten up by a gang of eight, presumably fellow soldiers, while serving.

    David owes his life to Gurkhas but modestly doesn't elaborate. David is a 'Gurkha Welfare Specialist'
    Wendy has been unlucky in as much has she has been made an ex-cllr twice by the same council. Something to with her not attending local council meetings in Derby from her home in Blackpool-but keeping the stipend.

    The worrying thing is that if Paddick can be a condender, even she might just be successful in her bid to become Lady Gurkha of Crich.
  14. Is it because he's a Quare?

  15. Paddick can't get into the Lords?
    He wants to try some KY then.