pad shagging

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by casorio, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. what are the views on the subject out there?
  3. don't do it!!!!!

    it happend to me, finished me and spoiled the end of my time in the mob
    it should be an ofence against disiplane and the guilty should be booted out
  4. is there a diff between a woman shagging a pad to a man doing it?
  5. It's great sport........ fill your boots, wipe your on the curtains as you leave, drink someone elses beer, and make her do dirty.
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  6. Not nice, i know quite a few that come back of ops only to find the rear party living up to the name.

    one lad was chased out of his own pad by his mrs as he walked in to surprise her after six months away, well the poor girl was busy being spit roasted by the local RMP!.

    same lad had to then spend a few sessions with the trick cyclist
  7. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Reminds of a poem I heard somewhere..........

    Ah yes, there it is. A poem entitled Aplerbeck.


    Yes. I remember Aplerbeck
    The name, because one afternoon
    Of heat the tram line drew up there
    She got it. It was late June.

    The door clicked. Someone cleared his throat.
    No one left and but I soon came
    On her bare form. What I saw
    Was Aplerbeck—only the name

    That willowy blonde with the sticky hair,
    Hildesheim’s finest let out a cry,
    No whit less still and lonely fair
    Than the pearly droplets in her eye.

    And for that minute a doorbell rang
    Up quick, pop smoke, through the fenster,
    Faster and faster, did I run,
    Through Asseln and Holzwickede.

    I thank you.

    P.S. Apologies to Edward Thomas :roll:
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  8. Can you still buy OMO washing powder?
  9. how about when it happens the other way round? to a pad left behind while the other half is on tour. Is it frowned upon for females shagging pads? Can they get in shit too?
  10. 1.Dont schitt on your own door step.
    2.It takes two to tango.
    3.If you get caught, dont go crying that it was unfair to have the shite beaten out of you.

  11. not if its another female :D
  12. does it make a diff when theres a rank diff too?
  13. If you where fresh out of the factory And it was the CO's Wife/husband
    i dont think you'll be on the next nco's cader
  14. There are no rules to pad shagging..... it is a game devoid of rule and convention...... and it's all the better for it.
  15. The original was called "Adlestrop"