'Pad Shagging'... right or wrong?

Not exactly pad shagging but one of the blokes who ran the ex servicemans club had a VERY pretty stepdaughter who went by the name of Tracy. Natural blonde, rather fit but married.
Hubby worked 12 hour continental shifts at a well known factory and was more interested in playing football on his days off rather than pay Tracy any attention.

I was up her faster than a rat up a drain pipe. She was 12 years older than me and by god did she like sex. I actually shagged her over a park bench overlooking her husbands works canteen at 11 o clock on a Saturday night.

Lovely lass, lovely memories.
Fally in the mid-90's was rife for it, Even got to the stage with 2RTR and the RHF almost coming to blows over it as both were in NI at the time and thinly veiled messages about payback getting posted in either the sixth sense or echo.
IIRC the RHF rear party lads had set up a camcorder up on a locker and had filmed one of the RTR wives getting drilled and her mooching about his underwear when he went for a piss.

I just hoovered up whatever was left although the seperated drop shorts missus was great for a bunk up and emptying my sack over his XR3i out the back of Sammies is a fond memory not so much when shagging her i nthe shower and the nipper walked in or when she was coming back to camp with me and the thick bint on the gate trying to question why I was heading back into camp in the early hours with a female with a WO ID card that had a different surname to mine.

Sneaking out the quarters at daft o'clock on a Sunday morning before anyone got up was always fun.

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