'Pad Shagging'... right or wrong?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ssgt_nigel_redarse, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. Firstly I feel I should explain precisely what 'Pad Shagging' is as it's highly unlikely any of you Walts have actually served in the Army.

    Pad Shagging is the act of attending a married quarter (colloquially known in the Army as a PAD) for the sole purpose of engaging another serving Soldiers wife in an act of coitus (thats shagging to you cadets who post on here who probably havent even reached puberty yet)

    I'm a good looking guy and if I admit it myself...am a top shag.

    There was a Lance Jack (thats a Lance Corporal to you Walty airsofters who have never actually been in the Army) in my unit who had a particularly attractive missus who it was fair to say enjoyed being charged repeatedly with my old beef bayonet.

    Her husband got wind that a couple of us used to go round to his pad and give his mrs a good seeing to when he was stagging on (thats guard duty to you).

    So to get round this problem.... I gave him extras (thats extra duties) ....and whilst he was stagging on or sweeping the vehicle park I was off round his pad banging the granny out of his wife.

    Happy days.

    But was I right or wrong to do it? I do feel a bit rotten actually as he was a good Soldier in my platoon.
  2. Platoon? I thought the ACF had detachments.

    You're not convincing. Not a single TLA in your entire post. The absence of reference to washing powder is a big giveaway. You need to spend a couple of hours on Arrsepedia to learn the vernacular.

    Marks out of ten? She wouldn't give you one.
  3. OK. You've had time to read Arrsepedia, now for your reply...
  4. Our NAAFI only stocked cheapo washing powder.

    Sticking a box of 'NAAFI Blue' in your window doesnt quite mean the same as an OMO box.
  5. Hello, HB70.
  6. Awww! He's gone.
  7. Very poor effort by the OP.Epic fail.
  8. Having, as a JO, had to deal with emotional, social and performance fallout from such activities when it affected my guys, my opinion is that serial shaggers are what they claim to have to been thrusting themselves into.
  9. If you've got a platoon how come you're a SSGT, Should it not be CSGT ?
  10. Maybe you should be asking Pad what he thinks of your idea?
  11. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Bloody good spot!
  12. And who gave him the red arse? Maybe I should fix it for him ...

    Somehow, this seems to have more of the Ring of Truth to it ... maybe Jarrod knows him?
  13. Me wonders:

    a) whether the author is walt or WAH
    b) what the point was of this post even if he isn't a walt/wah
    c) why I have bothered to respond to this gibberish... slow Sunday morning I suppose...
  14. A walt with a wind up maybe?
  15. I thought he was a sockpuppet from the start, but I'd like to know how puttees came up with HB70.