Pacxman Vee COlin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Gents just a 'flash' on the BBC world service TV of a forthcoming 'Interview/Debate' between Jerremy Paxton and COlin Powell.
    They only had part of it on but it's a cracker.
    Paxman wadeing in with both boots swinging and COlin giving a strong defence on his speech to the UN on Iraq's WMD.
    COlin gives strong counter attack saying words to effect of " But your PM Mr. Blair" excellent.
    I do not know if it's a special one off that I will not get to see or if it will be a Hardtalk interview.
    No yank I know has ever met a COlin. Like us they only know Colin.
  2. I have no idea where the CO-lin thing came from. He goes by Colin, his family calls him Colin- he's Colin. QED
  3. COlin has some US precedents (ho ho) -


    Could be an idea for a new thread (if it hasn't been done already). Spam mis-spellings and mis-pronunciations. Any other examples come to mind, ARRSErs?

    STAH-ken, London, England
  4. Thank you Taz, unfortunatley I do not have the MIME download and have been unable to locat it on the net.
    Hope the artical was as good as the except I saw.
  5. It stems from his poor Alabama childhood, where he was employed by the local solid fuel delivery agency. During his apprenticeship he was continually told by the resident Health and Saftey Officer to put the 'coal in' the coal bunker and not leave it lying around for people to trip over. Being a slow learner he suffered at the hands of his unforgiving senior colleagues who frequently shouted "Coal in Powell !!" at him. After a while, it sort of stuck. His real name is Baz.

    It's true.
  6. I used to have a Bar,in Oberammergau,home of SHAPE´s,NATO School.After Gulf War 1,a lot of yank officers used to refer to him as COLON,some, because of his decision to stop the ground war early,The TRAITOR!

    I thought,his grovelling before the UN to apologise,was wrong,and self-indulgent;Maybe he wanted to clean his soul out,before kneeling before the Pope.

    Their were so many war stories,told in that Bar,that I used to clear up the shrapnell,with a shovell;It´s not easy serving drinks wearing a helmet and flack-jacket. :p
  7. I was haveing a drink the other night with a yank professor off geology and his female assistant. Governments and rulers was subject, the young girl suddenly chips in
    WE used to be ruled bt a Bush, a Dick and a Colon.