Packing list CIC TA Catterick

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ExReg.TARifles...., Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. I'm Ex Regular of 7 years......Looking for packing list for CIC Catterick TA......Before you start running your mouths know how to pack my kit but just looking for little heads up for what I need they don't send packing list till 4 weeks till you go.....Ex 1 Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment....7 Rifles now "Swift and bold".....................
  2. best of luck. I like the Boz photo - where was it taken?
  3. Having been through the Chillwell system 3 times my advise would be take your privately bought Gucci kit, a few of your basic favourite bits and pieces and comforts that you would normally stick in your webbing, also underwear ( unless you are going commando) and probably a set of CS95.

    What will happen is that you will be issued brand spankers most of the kit you will need in theatre. this is because different TA units have different levels of kit to issue and by issuing everything from scratch ensures you get into theatre with most of the kit you will need to do your job.

    However in a shameless attempt at self publicity a PocketComms might come in handy out there too

    Good luck Matey

  4. msr

    msr LE

    Eh? He is off for his 2 weeks basic training....
  5. Could this be Mr 'Cadre Best Shot' last weekend?
  6. You've got completely the wrong end of the stick mate, NOT mobilisation, BUT Ph2 Infantry training at Catterick, Combat Infantrymans Course.

  7. msr

    msr LE

    Your nickname sparky?
  8. No, Graham?

  9. OK folks my mistake

    I would have added a racing spoon, a good pair of trainers and a large tub of vaseline and some rubber gloves if I had known :D

  10. Sorry, we no longer accept vasaline as a recruit lubricant as it is petrolium based and degrades the rubber condoms, insert KY instead (literally) :) .
  11. ExReg, take with you :

    - at least 2 sets of 95's. You might get away with just 2 pairs, but I'd reccomend purchasing your own spare set, maybe two!
    (You will get issued a second smock up there if you don't have)

    - warm kit and wet kit. When I was there, they were fine with softies and helly hanson thermals and such.

    - Socks. Decent pairs - and a good few of them.

    - TWO pairs of boots. (They seemed to be fine with Lowas and Altbergs, but I had a medical chit for them. Others seemed to just get away with it.)

    - ISSUED doss bag. They were very firm about people only using the issue doss bag on the field exs.

    - A good few green t-shirts to wear under your 95's.

    - Handwashing soap/suds. There are no washing facilities in Wathgill Camp (where you will stay) only handwashing in the drying rooms. They did offer after the first week to get all our stuff washed back in Vimy Barracks, but we all decided we didn't want to take the risk of losing any kit.

    - Gloves.

    - Shit load of snacks. (they will help! Trust me. Finding a spare Chomp by my mess tins during one soul breaking tab out for the TACEX was bliss)

    - You might want to consider a thin liner for your doss bag. If your boots are gipping, take some black bags and put them round your feet when, or if, you end up getting your head down at all. But I ended up head to toe in mud and shit and it took me fooking ages to clean it out properly after the course.

    Other than that I can't really think of much unless you need me to tell you to pack your pants, towels and wash and shave kit.

    Actually, just to point out - If you have things like a softie jacket, Jetboil, or anything Gucci which you might think is useful, I'd say take it. Chances are you will be able to use them at some point.
    Anything essential, make sure you take spares. So, t-shirts, towels, socks etc, make sure you don't find yourself in a position where you have nothing either dry or clean enough to wear. You need to expect to get beasted and very wet and very muddy and very tired.
    Pack and prepare accordingly.

  12. 15 year career break!! Good luck Farmers Boy!
  13. The kit list says take your CBRN. Dont bother mate. It isnt part of the course and takes up a load of room for the journey up there. As Hed says, softies, jetboils etc all good. Just make sure that the 'outside view' is issue stuff.

    As ex-reg infantry myself mate who went through the TA training not so long ago, it's going to be a ball ache - I promise... it's very basic refresher training at best, and you'll wonder how some units could have the cheek to some up some of the mongs!

    You'll get beasted around and think why the f*ck are you doing it again. The young platoon commander I had was a bit of t*t who thought it wise to beast fellas by leopard crawling up hills after a 10k insurgency tab... completely pointless and all he did was teach his men to think he was a c*ck.

    We had another ex infantry reg break his foot in our platoon and decided to crack on for the remainder of the course because he didnt want to go back up there again!

    My advice is to keep your head down and just crack on mate. Most of it is bollocks in my opinion... but Land demands that we have the boxed ticked.

    Good luck.
  14. Bos picture was down in sunny gorazade.......Op 6 I believe
  15. Who is this fallingplate ? Seems someone knows me, lol.....