Packing em in

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by oldbloke, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. Nothing to do with giving up fags but I was wondering if manning and records still send certain sportsmen to certain units? I think we used to call it packing them in?

    In the 70's footballers went to 28 Sigs, Athletes to 21, and I can't remember the others. The boxing champions were always 10 Regt RCT I seem to remember but not sure if we did much boxing in the Signals apart from kippers? :?

    Every Corps, Regt etc denied that this happened but they all did it.
  2. Yeah it still happens. Footballers to 3Div (again) and Rugby players to 21 Sigs. most of the sick, lame and lazy end up at 2 Sigs, where every day is a blessing in disguise.
  3. So where do guys good at their trade go to then?
  4. Civvie Street
  5. Touché.

    I suppose I asked for that.
  6. RSSST ! :wink:
  7. Well I went to 21 Sigs and wasn't an athlete and at times it seemed like there were only a few of us who actually did any work. Some of us got promotion though and that caused some problems with the athletes who didn't. You pays your money and all that.
  8. I was also a member of the athlete infested 21 Sigs and if you wanted to get good at your trade then - that was the place to go as you had to work twice as hard to cover for the tracksuit warriors who were inevitably missing in action!! :x
  9. Skiiers - 1 ADSR
  10. Footballers were at 7 and I thought they still were?
  11. Might be now but in my day it was 28. 7 were the drinking champions I think?
  12. Showing your age there! The footballers (like Mick Cheatham) moved to the School in about 87 !
  13. The footballers would be lonely at Francisca Kaserne now, last time i drove past to take a look at the old place, the local circus (i dont mean 280 Sigs) were using it as their training base. Shame really, it was a good camp.
  14. 7 are currently in the Big A sandpit
  15. Not quite, but there on the way. One bonus for any Elmpt based personnel is that when 7 Sigs deploy, you'll be able to get a decent T off time on Bruggen golf course during working hours :wink: