Packing a Rucksack with weights comfortably

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by signmeup, Jun 3, 2009.

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  1. Now I know this is a BIG no-no on this site BUT I've been medically deferred for whiplash and need to walk for roughly 10 miles a week with weight on my back for 3 months (and keep a log) in order to have my application continued..

    I obviously pack the weight in with loads of towels and things like that but my shoulders always feel as if I'm being pulled backwards.. and the bag is as tight to my back as it can possibly be? Plus my shoulders are knackered after it..

    Am I doing something wrong? I just want the most efficient way really so I don't do myself an injury.. Weight at top or bottom? Closest to my back or furthest away?

    Many thanks..
  2. This is a good question.
    I use a daysack, not a rucksack, tethered tightly together with the shoulder straps as tight as can be without stopping circulation to your arms.
    One big, thick towel folded about 30cm by 20 and a series of small weights (4 times 2.5 kg) on the otherside of the towel than your back, (obviously).

    That's it really, hope it helps you. I've been doing it for about 12 years so does work.

    Oh... and tab, don't walk :wink:
  3. A BFO beach towel wrapped around a case and a half of 12 bore shotgun cartridges (about 400 rounds) and stuffed into my venerable Berghaus Munro Daysac. Add some water and you've got about 20kgs.

    Oh, and a few interesting questions to answer when Plod stop a desperately sweatly individual, tabbing around a quite Surrey town late at night. But that's another story...
  4. Fill bergan (or days sacks) with bags of sugar (clingwrapped). They will mould to your back.

    Using the fruit you have picked on your stroll, you can then make jam with the fruit and sugar if you're gay.

    Or ferment it into booze if you're not.

    Don't mention it, you're welcome. :D
  5. And take lots of water. Extra weight at first, and prevents dehydration later. Dehydration isn't fun.
  6. Get a big Rucksack and sleeping bag mate, perfect.
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    What weight in lbs have you been advised to carry ? ie 10 lb etc

    If so a small style day sack of say 25 lt then pop into B&Q to get a bag of sand / gravel etc to make up to that said weight ( some don't like that idea ) , carrying a light weight like that will be fine as it lie's low and is compact across your kidney's ..... does me fine but then your not me so you need to find what works for you .

    If your having problem's with shoulder's etc are you adjusting the straps too tight OR leaving them slack and wearing the waist band so in effect the pack fall's away from the shoulder blades .

    Different size back's require different size bergens etc find one that suits this problem .... as I said this sounds like a need for a small day sack .

    Best of luck.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    What did the Doctor who diagnosed the whiplash say?

  9. He said "you've got whiplash". Boomtish

    Ah, that looks like my jacket...
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Let me get it for you... :roll:

    I meant about walking with weights.

  11. H3

    H3 LE

    Are you walking upright like normal ( the comments will follow about that I bet ) as with weight you do need to lean into it slightly ...
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  13. Many thanks for the replies.. and sorry for the late response.

    In answer to the questions that have come up :

    The weight is only 10KG for 90-120 minutes (6-8 miles)

    I wear it as tight as it possibly can go without cutting circulation off.. I tend not to lean forward so I'll take that into account..

    I don't think I've got whiplash personally, never had any pain or anything since the accident and even took part in the Log run on the Para Insight Course + do the odd hod carrying with no pain but the Doctors wouldn't have it so I suppose you can't argue with them and I've had to just shut my mouth, take it on the chin and keep training.

    Thanks for the info though.. I'm going to go test a couple of these theories out.
  14. 10 litres of water is 10kg - five of those big plastic two litre lemonade bottles. Packed upright every side is a nice round edge, and the weight can't settle lower.

    [And if you get completely lost at least you've plenty to drink :) ]