packing a Bergen

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dunc0936, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys and Gals

    know this may seem a strange one for you armed forces people, but I have just bought a Infantry Long Back DPM Bergen, now I have packed rucksacks before, but this being a 120litre bad boy i can't get it to balance with all the kit in it and as i am setting of over the Highlands in two weeks with the aim of cover 200+ miles i want it to be comfortable any ideas would be greatful


  2. Pack it all in then jump up and down on it for ten minutes. This usually does the trick.
  3. Heavy stuff at the top. Apparently the weight balances better on the shoulders.
  4. I understand its a bit late now, but there are many better bergens about that the issue longback. The Berghaus Cyclops Vulcan 2 is a sh*t hot pack in my opinion and is almost identical to the issue one except its minus the pouch on the back and has a much better frame/back system + lots of padding.
  5. Weight at the top is a definated in my *experience*
  6. How do you know if you need a long or short bergan
    I found you can pack kit easier in a short one as its wider!!!! :D
  7. I would get a Taxi!
  8. just make sure the radio batteries are close to the top along with your ammo reserve...
  9. And the four housebricks your mates put in just before leaving should be at the bottom
  10. Unfold your sleeping bag and wrap your 320 in the middle of it.
  11. holy sh1t do not put all your weight at the top or you will never see 200 miles.
    1. get a canoe bag and place this into your bergan open it up so that it spills out .
    2. open your sleeping bag into the CB and let it hang out.
    3. waterproof all the items you will use together ( ie spare clothing for 1 change ) then pack them into sleeping bag. do this with all items.
    4. pack your food and cooker etc into the side pouches including water (waterproofed incase the water bursts).
    try and pack the centre as evenly as you can do not put the heavy stuff at the top or bottom try and balance it out at each side.

    ps i am in the infantry so i know what im talking about.
  12. thanks all, as for know what sort of pack to by, I did not, don't know anyone in the armed forces expect for my bro and he is the raf and has prob not walked or carried any major weight any distance,

    I want to join the army but have crappy eye sight in one eye so was turned down, but still am interested in the endurance and survival side of thing hence the long hikes.

    mind you having loaded with all the stuff i was going to take, f***k im going reloaded with less can hardly lift it let alone acrry it 200 miles
  13. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Remember where you put everything in the first place and ALWAYS put things in the same place each time you take them out.

    Oh and don't pack everything in 27 identical black bin liners and then try to find anything after dark.
  14. I'd agree with all the above, also ref the weight distribution/balancing - try to get any heavy stuff near your back and quite low-down.

    I know that if you pack the heavy stuff high up or furthest from your back you will overbalance easily - not too much of a drama if you're tabbing but you will curse it if you are ski-ing !!!

    On top of what redwhiteandblue said, for what you are doing I'd pack most gear in the main pack (doss bag, clothes, scoff inside an XL canoe bag) and your tent/wetproofs in the side pouches.

    A comfier pack for your use would have been one of the karrimor sabre packs, but I guess it's too late to tell you that now ...
  15. Have you tried house bricks?
    Nice with numbers on!