packing a bergen

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tda, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. tda


    i know this basic stuff but iv never got system right for packing a bergin for excercise, anyone got any tips for a good organised system, they pass on would be a big help. thank you
  2. Don't ask questions like that on this site - most of the cold war warriors on here will most proberly not of been on exercise since 1971. They'll tell you, you don't need one of them 'rucksack' thingys - just line your large pack with a bin liner!!!!

    Don't know what role your in or where your exercising - so best bet is to ask one of the senior blokes.
  3. Indeed my ol' man was still on 37 Pattern Large pack! My old section i.c. swore by his 58 pattern large pack, his reasoning was if you have a bigger bergan you'll just fill it.
  4. 1)Spare boots in the very bottom. (If you're taking spare boots)
    2)Spare clothes next, trousers, t-shirts, norwegian, smock, socks etc etc. (waterproofed)
    3)Rations next
    4)Then sleeping bag last


    1)Wet and warm kit (gortex top, trousers and socks. Fleece and/or norwegian, gloves, shemagh)
    2)24 hours rations, cooker, wash kit.
    3)Spare ammo

    I usually use the insertion sacks that you put in your rocket pouches to put wet/warm kit in and put in the bottom of daysack, the another insertions sack to put in rations, cooker and wash kit. Then a final insertion sack for spare ammo. Then that just leaves your webbing to put water bottles, mess tin, magazines, grenades etc in.
  5. You take a spare smock? Also what is your reasoning for sleeping bag last? I got taught (work experience) you put the items in order of needing them therefore sleeping bag in bottom? Out of compression sack compressed in bivvy bag in bottom of bergan to make most of space?
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  6. Yeah right, that's what I'll do, put my gonk bag in the bottom.
    Have fun with that.
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  7. I always put the anvil on top.
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  8. Nah not always take a spare smock, some lads do though. When you get into a harbour area once your all sorted and sentry's are out the 1st thing you do is whack your poncho up, roll matt down, grot bad out, admin, sleep! If you put your grot bag at the bottom you'll be emptying the bergen out to get to it. Also if you get bugged out or go out on patrol/ops then your grot bag is the last thing you stick in the top of the bergen.
  9. Common loading schemes for personal kit are really just excess administrative overheads. As long as everyone has the same kit in their bergens/daysacks then that ought to be enough. If you are in an emergency and want something from somebody else's kit - then I suggest a genteel unpack/repack is unlikely to happen. In normal admin then there is time to find item A, rather than know it will be three quarters of the way up on the left hand side as per the layout diagram...because in fact it seldom is!
  10. If you get bugged ou tthats one thing but if you go out on ops/patrol the last thing you want at the top of bergan is your doss bag ..
  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Heaviest stuff at the bottom.

    Always pack it in the same way so you know what is in which pouch/pocket/half.

    If you use waterproof day bags (good idea) get them in different colours that way when you trying to find something in the pitch dark in the rain with frozen fingers you don't have to go through a number of identical looking black sacks rummaging for a clean pair of socks doing a squirrel nutley imitation.

    Most military service is about digging holes, sleeping in them and bit of agressive camping while wearing green camo. It's not Rambo pt3.

    If you do see active service common sense is worth a lot more than any ridiculous advice from internet from what sounds like the Storemen's Auxilary Brigade.
  12. The only 'official' guide is that in the Pam,the others are all more relevant and I imagine SOPs
  13. Each to their own but that's how i've always done it.
  14. Pack kit in the reverse order of likely need, if possible weight distribution close to the body and high. Clear poly bags for all and remember weight... one mess tin, half a toothbrush, no luxuries... Padding the straps and frame should not be necessary but make sure it fits perfect!
  15. I've always used the same method i got taught in depot.