Packing a bergen for tabbing

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sapper007, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Might seem like a stupied question, but what is good to use as weight in a bergen, i need around 40 - 45lbs by using things around the house

    It needs to be packed properly of course as if i was doing a CFT for example, i've tried wraping bath towels around metal weights but there no good, i ended up with all the weight at the bottom of my bergen.

    Just wondering if anyone has had to do the same while training, and found a go source of weight that dosent nacker your back.

  2. try your whole 1157 that seems to work.
  3. Sand in small packages tightly bound so it doesnt leak out, if you put them in packages the size of a four pack then you can spread the weight, alternatively just carry lots of four packs so you can get sloshed on the tab around.....
  4. Then put stuff like your gonk bag, NBC suit, etc at the bottom of the bergan and the weights on top.

    I thought you wedges were supposed to be smart?
  5. 4 Le Cruset saucepans wraped in a doss bag
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  6. 2 Options.

    1 Your proper issue kit in full scales.

    2 Water and lots of. If you get injured you can pour it away and head in
  7. Kidnap a gurkha (maybe 2) and put him in your bergan. When you get tired, swap places and he'll tab you all the way in.
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  8. Thanks StabTiffy2B
    thats ex sapper and i am clever, i fink
    not got any 1157 at home you see, or i would have used that now wouldnt i
  9. go to an army surplus store and buy a few water bottles, good for weight and no-one can complain about you not packing your bergan with military kit.
  10. Fill a sandbag with sand to the required weight or as previously posted, fill smaller bags with differing weights of sand wrapped and taped up - that way you can increase/decrease as you see fit.
  11. Fill it with really light things, pillows and socks and stuff, you can go really fast too!!
  12. As other's have mentioned, sand is a good option. Personally, I'd recommend topping it off with a six-pack. Someting to celebrate with at the end/the top.

  13. Rolls of roof lead folder tight and compact into weights exactly the same size as SA80 magazines. You can fit these into the various pockets of your bergan or alternatively you can use your webbing and put them in your ammo pouches therefore keeping the weight to your front and close to your body.
  14. As a former member of the Intelligence Corps, I always found that hard back copies of jane's publications always worked a treat!
  15. never ever forget your copy of playboy, the Erica Elainiak centre spread being a favourite :)