Packets of Nuts contain....... Nuts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. This is bloody daft, packets of nuts have been withdrawn because they didn't carry a warning saying the packets may contain nuts. The world has gone fucking nuts.

  2. You don't want to look at the frozen fish boxes now then (they contain fish you know, and poss fish bones).

    Hot coffee may be hot...

    In the old days the thick would have been culled, and the herd would become more intelligent over time. Coupled with a benefits system to stop them starving to death due to their laziness, we are just keeping alive people that should have been prevented from dropping their mutant off spring n to the gene pool.
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  3. So, when I'm wearing my jeans should they have a label saying 'May Contain Cock' on them?
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  4. Fixed !!
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  5. Being pedantic, this isn't as stupid as it sounds, because a peanut isn't a nut, it's a type of legume.

    Some people who are allergic to nuts aren't to peanuts and vice versa and if packaged in a facility that does also deal with nuts then it's a putting a warning on is a reasonable thing to do.

    However, as it's the NAAFI, carry on!
  6. Stop being feckin sensible, you dork!
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  7. They were labelled as monkey nuts. Anyone with a peanut allergy who doesn't know that monkey nut=peanut is probably not long for this world.
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  8. Ooh he's clever but as pointed out above, yes people are that stupid.
    I questioned a midwife why they advise pregnant women not to eat soft boiled eggs as all British hens are vaccinated against Salmonella. It seems mothers aren't bright enough to know this and some eggs are imported.
  9. Reading Psychbabbles post reminded me of some one
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  10. He's cute.
  11. Yes, but that would apply to any article of clothing - hat, t-shirt, trainers etc
  12. Nip over to California, you're in with a shot. He bats for your side. Plus point hes fucking minted and he might be up for you dying him ginger.
  13. Fuck that if I'm flying long haul it's not to America.
  14. You should stop talking about nuts. If you remove all nuts from the NAAFI, pictures of ladies with bosoms will appear. I've seen it happen.
  15. These packets of monkey nuts... They've been withdrawn. Are they going to remove the nuts and repackage the empty shells?