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packages to those on deployments

We're going to send a couple of packages to some people from our unit
who were deployed on Op Telic recently.

So to those who were deployed before, I wondered - what (practical)
items made your day when you were sent stuff from either home or from
mates in your unit ?

porn ,sweeties, toilitries .Wouldnt bother with practical stuff apart from biros
and little notebooks which are always handy .Stupid little luxries are what brighten peoples tours in my limited experince.


Book Reviewer
Woody is right - basics are plentiful, it's the little things that count - some posh sweets, biscuits or snacks (but nothing that will be affected by being left around in a BFPO sack in 50c heat on a runway for several hours, e.g. chocolate).

Frankie Vaughan always goes down well, as might pin-ps, caledars, etc.
Getting a parcel generally isn't about what's inside. It's just a huge morale boost that someone is thinking about you and a reminder that the world back home is still there.

One of the lads in my multiple was sent a booklight by his parents, which I stole and used to read when the lights were off in the tent and it was too hot to sleep.

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