Packages for Troops on Ops

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CaptainPlume, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. The time has come around again when my Parents & friends are putting together morale packages for the Troops, mainly on Op HERRICK. The list of suggested items that they have seems sensible, but they refused my idea of porn & shampoo bottles full of booze.

    As a former cold-war warrior who went nowhere more dangerous then the Balkans & lived in luxury there I have no real idea what the Troops in the PBs/FOBs might actually need. One suggestion I heard was stuff like dried seasoning packs (you know, things to improve fresh meat like jerk flavouring, sausage casserole mix & the like). The bonus I can see is that they're light & could add some variety to the rations, but do these locations get fresh?

    Would this kind of thing be of use? In my days on Soltau my panzer crew used to touch me for fair sums of cash for herbs & spices, while on the limited dismounted work I've done I'd carry film canisters of curry powder & similar.

    Educated opinions welcome!
  2. Shaving gel is always a winner, the EFIs are always running out, shower gel is quite popular, dont sent toothbrushs or toothpaste, theres tons of it.
  3. Porn and dirty school girls knickers.
  4. Thanks for that. The list we have includes the items you suggest.

    My Dear Old White Haired Mother & assorted local great & good vetoed porn. Sadly I don't know any dirty school girls for the latter.
  5. Original source tea tree and mint shower gel and shaving cream is er "mint" out there as it cools you down.
  6. When my son was there recently I sent him coffee (chucked into a freezer bag) noodles, assorted sauces, cup a soups, soft chewy sweets, a few books (you can fit 4 in a wine box) to spread amongst the boys and wet wipes ect
  7. Thanks, all, from someone who used to send his post & laundry forward. All good ideas which have been incorporated in what's been bought already.

    Any ideas if herbs/spices/flavouring mixes are a good idea? What do the Troops on the ground actually get to eat in FOBs?
  8. Very good idea anything to give them a change. It is a lot of compo (or whatever it is called these days) but they do get some fresh rations, depending how far and oftemn delvieries are, they also love to make pizza with smoked sausage.
  9. We used to make pizza using tomato paste, parmesan cheese (grated pasta topping stuff) and pepperami, the officers can add olives if desired or anchoives if feeling cosmopolitan.
  10. Excellent idea but when we were out last Christmas we were asked to pass the word, on not sending random parcels as the mail system was chock full of the things and it would block parcels to named people. Some units did set up distribution points but it caused a lot of teeth grinding in upper echelons. Dont know what the advice is this year.
  11. Are you allowed to send pressurized containers (as in shaving gel)?
    I had a package returned because they suspected it contained an aerosol. -BTW it didn't.
  12. This is something organised by a retired gentleman with connections to a Unit which will be in theatre between now & Christmas. It has been sanctioned by that Units CoC, I understand.

    Briefing was that no pressurised containers could go out. However shaving gel is available in tubes/squeezy bottles & while not as good as an aerosol still does the trick. Besides, I thought the boys (& some of the girls ;) ) were growing big old ally beards these days on HERRICK?
  13. The request is the same this year. Twas a bit annoying having the OH's X-mas presents tip up 3 weeks late, but on the bright side at least he had loads of toothpaste and shaving foam to open on 25th December!!

    It is a great idea and really charitable, but I agree with the powers that be that it would be better to send it out throughout the year, avoid the Christmas crush and let the blokes/girls get the presents sent by their families.
  14. Avoid jelly type Haribo as they end up as a big clump of jelly. :)

    Super noodles where my little pleasure as well as proper cafeteria coffee, or just packets of fancy coffees where nice too.

    You can't really go wrong with what you send because the welfare packages normally got either distributed to the less fortunate guys in the PB or where put into a large box and you help yourself to what you required.

    Good books where a very sought after commodity you can imagine how quickly you can read a FHM or Nuts on radio stag, also surprising how many time you can read it and find something new every time.
  15. Thanks again all.

    Haribo has gone in in view of the upcoming Afghan winter not causing melting problems but I did suggest that anything with chocolate shouldn't because of any delays en route.

    I have suggested to the venerable gentleman (via my Mother) that the collections are made throughout the year, but for some reason his contact at the Unit involved is happy that a collection happens now. I'm not for a second going to breach OPSEC by speculating on which Unit that is or who might be about to deploy; aside from anything else I'm now retired myself & have no clue about O&D (some might argue I had no idea about O&D when it was part of my SO3 portfolio...)