Pack lift with a difference

Discussion in 'REME' started by VerminWA, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. I've been digging through some old slides (yes, photographic slides as opposed to rank slides) and came across this. Either a pack lift on a Centurion MBT was a cinch or that was one hell of a pilot.

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  2. Looks a bit like Osnabrck... wher is it?
  3. Can't tell you I'm afraid, they were my Dad's slides, I know he was never posted at Osnabruck but doesn't mean he didn't visit......

    Edited to add picture from another angle

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  4. No dramas, I was purely going off the buildings and the lights!!!
  5. Looks like Quebec Bks.

    But TBH, the tank park at Quebec was a bit further away from the accom.

    Going by the last pic, not Quebec.
  6. Oh and it's clearly a steering box not a bad!
  7. That's what I was thinking, but it's been a while since I was there last.

    What JHQ? That had similar accom, close to teh tank sheds... I think that is actually a car park rather than the tank park.
  8. Good drills wherever it was; i have never even heard of that before.
  9. that was a gear box lift, probably out of an empty(no engine) hull.......... wouldn't have been possible to lift engine as it had to be inched up and tilted using a sling that had a gun ratchet at the front , letting the front end drop to almost vertical before it would clear the hull....... nice april fool though, caught you
  10. Oh that makes it SO much easier, complete piece of piss, i dont know what all the fuss is about. Please note sarcasm here, thats still a bloody small place to move a gearbox around in with a helicopter!
  11. Looks like a fibua village in the background.
  12. lifted one or two dozen in my time, had you been there youd understand,..... no sarcasm intended, nice bit of flying , but I am fairly sure it's from the same magazine that gave us the welsh guards rubbing fat into the inside of their bearskins to feed them and having them trimmed at the barbers, or when the 9/12 lancers were decimalised to the 0.75s
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  13. I only did a few as I was a B Mech who got volunteered to make up numbers on a 9 Inf Wksp FRT but I have to agree that there's no way a main engine would have been liftedm out like that even using the latest tilt method.
  14. It's a Cent and something nearby isn't on fire, must be a 'shop.
  15. Looks like Hemer nead dortmund. Can't remember the name of the camp, but i know it was in Hemer. There were 2 camps nextdoor to each other. The time i visited one had 3 RTR and the other one of the Jock Inf bns. It is a cent gearbox, having had the pleasure of doing the equipment cse and then being posted to 32 Armd Eng Regt for a couple of years i lifted plenty of them out of gun tanks/AVRE's not to mention the Cent ARV's that seemed to stay in service for ever.