Pacific War (110 Pictures)

Thanks WC, a lot of those were new to me at least. Glad to spot one pipe smoker (the tankie). The kneeling infantryman with the fixed bayonet looked a bit desperate. Obviously not a smoker.
Some of those photos are pretty incredible - thanks. It's just a shame that there are no comments to let people know what the specific circumstances of each photo are.
No.1, 7, 8, 9, 10 are Hiroshima

16 Okinawa
21-32 Iwo Jima
33 Manila 1945
34 Combat Jump of the 503rd onto Corregidor
54 Attu
55 Attu
56 Attu
61 Guadalcanal 25th Division Tropic Lightning
64 Buna Beach
65 Malinta Tunnel Corregidor 1942
66 Guadalcanal 1st Marine Tank Bn
72 Marines landing on Guadalcanal (note Reising SMG carried in front of marine with Thompson)
74 Marine 1st Tank Bn M2A4 light on the Canal
79 Doolittle raid B-25 takes off from USS Hornet
Good post, like the on with Mac Arthur passing what look like brit soldiers on the track?


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Interesting fact about the famed photo of MacArthur striding up the beach in the Philippines.

Apparently, he was dropped off short by mistake and had to wade in to the beach, so getting his shoes and trous wet. He was none too happy. Then he saw the photographs, and the impression they made. At his next landing, further up the coast insisted on a phalanx of photogs capturing his stride through the tide.


A legendary photograph was snapped.


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Ace pics. Then click on 'WW1 British Soldiers' to see Mr T Atkins.
"34 Combat Jump of the 503rd onto Corregidor"

Used to take a drink with a yank who's jumped on Corrigador as a young lad.
He did WW II, Korea and Nam.
His claim to fame was that he was first US soldier to be shot by a AK 47 and had been medevaced from Nam before first Marines landed at Da Nang,
His elderly American friends reckoned he was no BS merchant, last heard of he had gone back to Walter Reed hospital and has now passed away.

One of the pics, is interesting, shows wounded on stretchers with American caps worn by the medics, leaning against some crates is an SMLE
This one Goldbricker? The wounded man on the far left is an Australian going by the slouch hat resting on his chest, which might explain the SMLE. My guess is this was some time during the New Guinea campaign.

I just ran a Tineye search on that photo and found it in this photo gallery. I only skimmed through it but it looks like it's identical to the one originally posted except each photo is captioned. That one is described as this
Feb. 1943: Soldiers of the Australian forces advance through a coconut grove and kunai grass in Japanese occupied New Guinea during World War II. The smoke is from mortar fire during the fierce fighting in the final assault which took Buna, the Japanese stronghold.
I think the Commonwealth troops in all those photos are Aussies.

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