Pacific 2012

Pacific 2012 Charlie Martell Ocean Rower

I am posting this on behalf of a former colleague of mine.. The above link explains a little about him and the task in hand.. Rowing single-handed across the Pacific..
I met Charlie in N.I and had a fair crack of a time with him. One of they boys that sticks in your head kinda thing.
He is hoping to complete the row in 133days and looking for donations towards his fundraising..
If any of this interests you and you want to donate then please goto the following address..

Charlie Martell is fundraising for Give Them A Sporting Chance

"Your gift will help a person with disabilities fulfil their lifelong sporting dreams and could re-inspire the life of a wounded member of the British Forces through competitive sailing. These are experiences that many of us take for granted but are sometimes out of reach for those that need them most. With your help we can make a difference to someone’s life and help their dreams can become reality.
All the money raised by my Pacific 2012 challenge will go directly to these two UK national charities."

Words from Charlie Martell

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