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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Matt007, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, im joining the royal signals and passed my RSW last weekend. The thing is i had a real bad chest infection 3 weeks ago that knocked me off my feet (literally) for nearly 10 days. Ever since i recovered my run times have been crap, im 29 years old, fit and came in at 14m for my 1.5 mile.

    I was disgusted with myself as i know i can do better, however i seem to have real trouble settling into a nice pace for the 1.5mile

    I understand that im going to have to do the 1.5m again during p1 and they expect an improvement, its just since i did so crap at my RSW my confidence has taken a knock.

    I dont seem able to control my breathing very well, and although i have been running prior to my chest infection and my RSW im really worried im gonna get in trouble during the 1.5m during p1, ive got my weekend 2 next week (1st after RSW).

    Funny thing is, i quit smoking in the new year and am still not smoking and since then ive had nothing but problems!

    Any advice would be great, and i apologise for raising the running thing again i didnt want to bump any ages old posts!
  2. How heavy and tall are you?
  3. 14st and 6foot
  4. Double check with your doctor (unless you already have, of course) that your chest infection is perfectly clear.

    I had a similar situation in October, came down with a chest infection that fucked me over for about 5-6 days. Feeling a lot better, and not coughing up phelym every 2 minutes, the doctor said I was fine to come off the medication - and two days later I felt completley fine. A week after this a company training weekend came up, in which the run was done on the sunday. I felt confident, I was running it in under 10 minutes just before the infection and I was feeling back to my normal self. During the run however, my arse blew out after about 1/3 rd of the way round, was completley knackered by the time I was about half way through and ended up doing it in around 13 minutes or something.
    At first, I blamed it on the fact I hadn't been out running/training since I had the chest infection 2 weeks earlier.
    But when I tried going out for a run during the next week, even during a very light jog, I was panting for breath.
    So, i went back to the doctor who said the infection was still, however weak, there. He said even the lightest of chest infections can limit your stamina. A week later, after a prescription of weaker anti-biotics, I was fine and running as i was beforehand.

    Sorry for the longwinded approach to saying go to your doctor, but sounds like a pretty similar situation to me you have there. Hope this helps - Congrats on passing your RSW.

  5. Thanks for the reply hed :D What your sayin does make sense as my chest is still rattling a bit if i exhale forcefully. Ill try and get an appointment and get rechecked.

    My employers gonna love me, between having to finish early every 2 weeks so i can get back to my TAC and the times i finished early to get back home for my medicals etc PLUS the 10 days i had off sick and now ill have to negotiate something for a Docs appointment :) The joys of working away from home :D
  6. Heh up mate just to ad to the answers already given.

    I am a primary care nurse practitioner, your body believe it or not relies on the tar and chemicals in fags to keep your lungs clear of debris, When you stop smoking the first few weeks you often get realy nasty chest problems(infections etc) because your lungs retain a lot of the cr*p in your lung fields. This will clear but you could be suffering for a while yet, sorry to tell you that.

    Good luck
  7. just to update, i did weekend 2 on last weekend and did my PFT again, previous was 14.13 my new best is now 12.44 which i was pleased with, i actually left my sprint towards the end a little late so iim hoping to knock a bit more off it yet!
  8. Good job mate. Crack on with your running, and at this rate you should maybe aim for a sub 9 minute-er by the end of phase one? :)
    heh, no reason why not to aim for that is there?
  9. If i can get it down to around 10 mins ill be very happy, there was a guy last weekend that did 7minsand 50 odd seconds i think it was, he was like a machine, sprinted all the way round!
  10. Yeah, it's annoying when that happens, isn't it? haha. I've seen it done in under 8 by a guy was some plum-mouthed, silver spoon fed office worker that said he didn't have time to work on fitness very much, and when he did, it was mainly gym sessions. Bit of a morale downer that one!

    What RTC are you at?
  11. im at strensall :)
  12. A firend did it in 7 30 but I think his mother is some sort of greek goddess.
  13. yer, like hed said, makes you sick dont it, also very jealous ;)
  14. Alright guys, I am 21 by the way and I am doing the 1.5 miles every other day and enjoying every minute of it, I also wouldn't consider myself to be the fittest of lads at the start of my taining.I'm nearly 6ft1 and weighing 12 stone or there abouts.

    To be honest, In my opinion and from self experience, running is all gradual. Tonight I absolutely pushed myself to the limit and I knocked 29 seconds of my previous time. My previous run was 10.34 and I came in tonight at 10.05, whether that was down to getting a b0locking on here this morning, I do not know, but every time I run now, I feel stronger and fitter, yes I do have moments were I think, bloody hell I'm punishing myself here but thats wat drags me on. Just try and keep it a "state of mind" filter the pain out.

    I'm also a smoker and believe that it must be having an effect on my breathing, although I am not feeling the effects yet.

    I also tend to burst of and a mile into the run my pace steadys. I need to learn how to gradually spread the pace across the whole run to eventually break the 9 minute barrier, I am aiming for 7 minutes. I dnt care how many people think its impossible. I believe if you aim higher you will reap the rewards, 7 is just a figure it doesnt mean I will ever get to that point but it will eventually drag me into wer I want to be. As for you matt I think with alot of effort and patience you will definately get to were you want to be just don't give up!! and give yourself a figure and aim for it, fight the clock thats what I do and it seems to have worked every time so far.

    Good luck anyway, if you really want something you can get it.
  15. I did my 1.5mls last Tuesdays. It was a risk accessment run, before starting my phase 1 TA training this coming weekend. I did it in 10mins 25secs which at around 15stone and 5'10 and 30 years old, i was happy with. My aim is for a 9min mile and a half.

    Good luck to everyone with their goals.