Pace & Swagger Sticks?

I Gather that only blokes who have completed the all arms drill instructor course can carry Pace sticks around while wearing the bright red seat belts. But who is entitled to carry a swagger stick? As I remember, all of my DS at Basic trg used to carry them on drill lessons.
Could someone enlighten me? They seem to have been lost along the way somewhere.
Is this true?

Only those who have been messed about for six weeks at Pirbright can have a Pace stick. If so can one , after passing said course demand one from the Stores department.

I did it for a scive and had a laff at the time. 270 degree spins on the square but to be true one of the DS did see me.

Show parade "showing minus 90 degrees".

Froze 30 copies of this in ice.

Got a C pass.

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