Pace sticks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CrashTestDummy, Mar 18, 2011.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    I'm after a bit of help answering a question posed by number one son.

    Who would carry a black pace stick?

    First thought would be RTR Sgt Majors. But who else?

    Many thanks in advance for the information.
  2. Pace sticks come in in varying shades and sizes. When you'r the badge you can pretty much have what colour you want, whos going to tell you otherwise?
  3. Colours are associated to Regiments. Sizes depend on the individual.
  4. OK, two conflicting posts. Good start :)
  5. If you look on e-bay, you will see Pace Stick, Guards, Black R316 for sale (several of them.)
    Looks like the "RSM can pick his own" seems to be winning.
  6. OK agree on the size comment, depends how tall you are, but as for colour its either varying shades of brown or black and as previosly stated whos going to argue with the badge?
  7. Look in your Corps Dress Regs. My lot is 'Rose wood' colour as promulgated.
  8. I thought black pace sticks and canes were used by the gunners. Something to do with checking the barrels of their guns without making the cane/stick look dirty.
  9. All a myth Im an ex drill pig and can confirm you can have what ever colour you want as your paying for it! Issued drill planks are brown. Only those individuals who have completed Drill Instructor training should have a Pace Stick - non entitled WO's etc should just have a swagger stick but then again who's gonna pull the badge up for that nugget of information!
  10. Thanks chaps. To expand the question further, as I think the offspring may have been alluding to swagger sticks, is there a convention for swagger stick colours?
  11. Gingersnaps, In my Corps Dress Regs it states colour and entitlement to carry a PACE stick. All WOs' in the appointment of SSM will carry a 'Rose Wood' pace stick.