Pace Sticks-Refurbish

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by swampmonster, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. Ok no Wah...not a walt
    Got a nice pace stick..but the varnish has expired not too bad jsut a wee bit patchy but need to be good as in use very what is the best to refurbish it? its and ash one..working parts are in good order been told about various what do you think?
  2. Put Pace Stick into Google most of the companies that make them will refinish for you if you wish. Or my preferance remove all varnish with Nitromors or any varnish remover taking all normal precautions. Clean thouroghly with white spirit let dry and use a good quality coloured wax. Easier to control than a varnished stick :)
  3. Armourers at the RMAS are supposed to be on the ball at stuff like that.
  4. Cheers for that...did as you said.came up a treat..Varnish is drying just now :)