Pace Sticking

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bubsnicket, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. The subject of pace stick drill or 'pace sticking' came up rather randomly in a conversation today and I tried to show my good chum a video that I remember seeing on of the Guards/Sandhurst pace sticking competition but it appears to have been removed. Are there any Gdsm out there that know where I can find a video?

    Below is a still of some chaps as an example:

  2. Is the man on the far right not wearing a sash? :O
  3. No he isn't. That'd make him a Lance Sergeant then.
  4. Maybe he just forgot it that day? I hear that the guards are notoriously scruffy like that. :roll:
  5. Is this still taken from Shiny Capstar perchance bubsnicket? I would have suggested having a look there but on second thought I don't think they host any videos.
  6. It sure is, and you are correct, they dont appear to host any videos unfortunately.
  7. OR HERE :D
  8. Another question.

    Below the shoulder titles they are wearing a red bade. What is this?
  9. Not just me that wondered that.

    And I was thinkiung I was having trouble with my eyesight after Stella got hold of me last night followed by the Gin Fairey
  10. Forgive my ignorance, but is the idea of the pace stick that it measures the distance from toe to toe?
  11. The clue is in the name - 'pace stick' - a stick for measuring a pace. :p Im not sure that even a guardsman could guarentee it would land next to his toes every time.
  12. It's like a giant protractor, they use it to work out angles. :)
  13. Denotes whether 1st and 2nd Battalion Coldstream ... when we still had 2 battalion Guards regiments that is!
  14. We still do. It's just that the Second Battalion is currently disguised as Number Seven Company and hiding in Woolwich. They still carry the Second Battalion Colours though, and wear the 'II' thingy on their No 2 Dress, so they must be a Battalion. Or so the Company Commander told me, and he wouldn't tell fibs now would he?

    Still, smart men doing smart things. Smartly.