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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by ChickVonFlick, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. A question aimed at the gentlemen of the Guards Division, althougth anyone with relevant knowledge is welcome..

    As a newly appointed CSM, and being the proper regulation height (6'7')', can anyone please inform me regarding thus:

    a. Where on one's body do you measure for the proper size pace stick (cock jokes excluded), I mean from ground to where?

    b. Which gentlemen's outfitters should I go to, in order to er...order said stick.

    Many thanks,

    Carry on that man.
  2. I am not a GDSM but I have completed the relevant Cse.

    I believe (and I wait to be corrected by the people more in the know) that the measurement is taken from the floor to the ball joint of your hip.

    I remain ready for the incomming!
  3. As a newly appointed CSM you should be issued with a pace stick, as it is a piece of official 'kit'. You should be able to indent for one as you are entitlted to. This is what use to happen when I was in the army (a long time ago). Our CSM got his through official channels and did not have to buy his, as far as I remember. The only reason why I remember, is that a pace stick was accidentally sent to our company offices with other stores, but my efforts to retain it as a souvenier were foiled and it went back from whence it came.
  4. 6' 7"??


    I'd recommend BT for outfitters;

  5. Dont know about sizing, but the pace sticks used to be made by the Pioneer Dept in the Battalion out of a brush handle
  6. Correct the pace stick should be either from the ball joint of the hip to the floor or to the seem of your trousers to the floor, both the same.

    There are a number of out lets that do pace sticks if your not tight, you can buy the racing stick for about £115. Just type it into the net, or John Bull, ITC PRI shop etc.
  7. Does it come with batteries?
  8. No. You're thinking of a BSM, not CSM.
  9. Touche! :D

    I was thinking more along the lines of a "ribbed for his pleasure" stick...something all Guards CSMs are intimately aquainted with, I'm sure
  10. Are you sure you don't mean newly appointed Lcpl with aspirations?
    Why not go to your RSM for a steer.
    :? :?
  11. As mentioned your pace stick should go from your hip to the ground. However if you are that much of a f'ucking giant you should be aware of a few things:

    1. If you use the issue (infantry (as per SCOC) ) pace stick it would look like you're using a thick chopstick unless your 5ft.

    2. If you aren't going to really use it for what it is made for?? Then size doesn't matter that much (assuming from your Q that you haven't done your Adv drill Cse).

    3. It's always good idea to maybe have it stained the colour of your Regiment.

    4. I am not sure what you are (Reg, TA, Cdt!!!!) but someone should be able to point you in the right direction. Plenty of sites on the web can do racing sticks.
  12. Sorry but things may have moved on since you were in. The pace stick is an ET item and held on account but only for units that are entitled to hold them. If your unit is not scaled and you feel there is justification then you must submit a requset to your QM. If your ET does have them then get it out on a 1033 whenever you require it.
  13. When at Dover (C Sqn) we had our drill Sgt Bill Bather, who when he was explaining in close order, he put his pace stick down. Fool.
    He forgot it in all the excitement and with Ammo boots on, he advanced us, we turned his stick into matchwood.
    Then in the Royal Engineers there was a SSM Ray Paddy Haslett, who took to first Sapper unit and did the London Public Duties, he when on the Guards drill course, only got a B, he would not leave, booked himself on the next course and of course got an A grade, now HE could use a pace stick.
    When on the Public duties, the senior drill staff at Chelsea Bks, told Paddy that his Sappers put his guardsmen to shame. So Paddy bought two bottle of Irish Whiskey and all three for drunk...........
  14. At 6'4'' my stick measurement was 44''. AADW had a guy making them from Maple for £70 cira 1994.