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Pace Stick

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bigbob68, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. I know it's best to buy a racer, but until the boss releases the funds, does anyone have the NSN for a 43" pace stick. Cheers in advance

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  2. Army School of Ceremonial?
  3. Any idea of the number?

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  4. You'd know it if you had done a drill course, why else would you need a pacestick? (In particular a 'racer').
  5. Always try and ascertain, at the time of purchase, to which end of the apparatus the piece of shit is attached. This is very often an area of disagreement... apparently.
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  6. Am at RAF Halton on DI course at present, was trying to be forearmed before getting fobbed off by my suppliers when I demand one when I return to my unit. Cannot find any info or lists with any numbers on down here, it appears to be knowledge is power type of thing, that or they all bought their own racers, and dont know the numbers either but i cannot afford a racer at present. Would have thought they would have been easier to track down, but that's the modern military for ya!

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  7. Welcome - Guards Gear

    I can recommend this chap.

    Failing that have a cut through the useful NSNs thread or phone the Army School of Ceremonial in Catterick. I don't think issue pace logs come in lengths though.

    Are you RAuxAF Regt by anychance? And not really called Bob.
  8. Definitely called Bob, Robert when in trouble!

    Regular RAF, volunteered to help out unit, armourer by trade, something different, strings to the bow if you get my drift. Many thanks for the recommendation, will have a gander and see what I can sort out.


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  9. 8465 99 551 3446 PACESTICK Natural Wood 43" Finishing in regimental colour to be Done by individual.

    L Class

  10. Many thanks Quaker, will now baffle my stores guys and see what turns up!

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  11. A straight bar... probably.

    They don't want you to beast them around the square.
  12. Shut up you cock
  13. ImageUploadedByARRSE1378384601.903481.jpg

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  14. Order two of them. And if two turn up I'll have one off you.
  15. Will see what I can get, and how many, watch out and I will keep you posted

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