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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bing191, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Hello, I have sanded down my pace stick to restain it. I understand it is supposed to be rose wood. I bought some from b&q and it is nothing like it should. Does anyone no if you are supposed to use different colours or is there a specific brand etc? Any help and advice much appreciated.
  2. Do you mean you have painted it and the stain has dried, looking nothing like the right colour or it looks wrong in the tin? If the latter it will dry differently.

    As I recently found our when I hesitantly covered an oak coffee table I'd stripped in grey sloppy shite and it came up looking rather well.
  3. Yes I have painted part and it has dried the wrong colour.
  4. Paint it black, sell it on e-bay as a Rifles/Royal Irish/SAS pace stick, buy a rosewood one with the procedes.
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  5. can't help then I'm afraid
  6. If its too light then build it up with another coat or 2.
  7. A Borg pace stick?

  8. Rifles Drill instructors, particularly RMAS AIs, use Black Pace Sticks.
  9. I like the sound of that.

    Every day a school day! (RMAS / Catterick-only, though, methinks. None in Bn. )
  10. No idea, although I suppose for important events it could be handy to have one around (not for on the move measuring!).

    Cadets sometimes use them too, esp if they are Rifles capbadged/affiliated but don't do Rifles Drill (there are such dets/contingents!). In multi-capbadge counties or contingents they usually have a light oak (pretty much the vanilla stick).

    RIR use them too. They look quite ally.

    SAS I added on for e-bay appeal.
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  11. FFS not this and weep re Cadets and Pacesticks
  12. knob end Cadet asks about painting a pace stick - various bods ask him why he has a pace stick when he is only a cadet? - Cadet then spouts off a load of self important b*ll*xs about being a senior cadet/2 i/c of Regt, etc, asked if has done the drill course? - more b*ll*xs from the cadet saying that he can have one as no one has said he can't - continued gobbing off from the cadet unleashes feck knows how many pages of pi55 taking.

    A long read but some cracking abuse by ARRSERs and a dwindling defence by the self important biff.

    Possibly one of the longest threads , not on par with Princess Productions or the Bomber Command v 'Glorius Bomb' one, but it made me chuckle.

    Best read when you have 20 odd mins to waste IMHO.
  13. 15 pages? More like an hour!
  14. I don't know where the perception comes from that you MUST have done a Drill Cse to carry a pace stick... otherwise I would be cutting about with my stick pointing at Sgt Majors, Provo Sgts and RSMs shouting 'You, I said you thar, don't let me see you with that in your hand again... you freak'.