Pace Stick Screw

NOOOOOOOOOOO not some strange sexual practice carried out by RSMs late at night, but the hunt for a replacement knurled srew lost from my CSMI's stick anyone know of where he can obtain a relacement part?


snapper said:
There's one on the RSM's............. nick that.... 8O
My thoughts excactly!! And then when he comes clean that he's lost the screw for his pace stick, offer to give him yours (the one you've proccured) out of the goodness of your heart and he'll fcuking love youuu!! Top of the Gradings board and no shite jobs in the mess. All's well that ends well.
crustyoldfartpants said:
Get the Armourer or LAD to get the right sized screw, then put a Brass Regimental button on it.
The end 10mm of 5.56mm Case looks pukka as well.
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