Pace stick query

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Rumrunner, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Very difficult to salute with the pace stick under the right arm. I always carried it under the left arm with the sticks feet to the rear. Perhaps he was just having a blond moment? :mrgreen:
  2. Maybe the pictures has been reversed?!!!!! :D
  3. Hi...... first post for this virgin arrser.

    For the DS solution on Pace Sticks, go to Windsor this Friday where the Coldstream Guards will be hosting the annual Pace Stick contest.

    It beats sitting alone and pulling your pud........ but only just.
  4. I can understand why you are still a virgin. Annual Pace Stick Contest........FFS.

    Only Joking :mrgreen:
  5. This is just a prelim heat...... wait for the world championships.......... no, I'm not joking.

    On the same subject, are our artillery chums from Woolwich entering a team...... if yes, can I cabby a lift to Windsor on the team coach?
  6. Really, my friend, I would recommend staying in Woolwich (which is saying something) and pulling your pud
  7. I thought it was carried under the right arm and swept to under the left for saluting. I could be wrong, or am I thinking of pacing...Memory is fading, god I hate getting old
  8. Good advice....... pulling pud in Woolwich right now...... would you like photos of the money shot??
  9. When you are marching/walking pace stick is in left hand with its feet facing forward. When at attention/saluting stick is under left arm feet facing rear.Man in picture having blonde moment as said by Rumrunner.

  10. Think when you are walking the pace stick is carried in the right hand. that way when you have to salute it is passed into the left armpit so you can salute with your right hand.
  11. That's correct. marching witha pace stick it is carried in the right hand, the same as a rifle at the trail, then swept up under the left arm for saluting. See Drill Manual (for those with insomnia) :roll:
  12. Apologies Army Right,deepest regrets for appearing as a tw*t. Will beat myself with mahogany pace stick until it hurts,a little.
  13. Blyth,

    I'm with you completely. Right arm/Left arm - we could argue all week.

    However the fact that it is completely the wrong way round is un-nerving. After all, as the article says,....'It takes a very special man....'

    Plus the stick is the other way round under the other arm on pages 24/25...!!
  14. Having had a little experience of journalism, etc (no I'm not one), I suspect that the gentleman was asked to pose that way to make a good photograph.

    What surprises me is that he went along with it.
  15. I would go with the above, surely the RASM would not make such a mistake. As a phot myself the positioning of the stick does help to fill the frame better.