Pace Stick Drill

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by faarse, Nov 9, 2011.

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  1. Hello AARSE, This sunday I will be in the Lord Mayor's Show with my cadet unit. I've been told to march with a pace stick and thats great and all, but due to the length of the march my instructors have said not to be lifting said stick up to shoulder height (as we do in our fusiliers reg) due to tired arms halfway through. I think this will look terrible so I was wondering if its acceptable to march with it at the carry - tucked under the left armpit parallel with the ground.

    - Alex
  2. It is acceptable however, I personally feel that it is the measure of a good DI to carry the pace stick in the trail (correctly) for a prolonged period of time.

    It has recently become a trend where I work for the weaker/recently Q'd DI's to have a loop sewn into the underarm of their uniform, so as to assist in the carrying of the stick!
  3. Sunday??
  4. Haha I mean Saturday. Cool, thanks Squip. Surely that would catch on the sleeve when you want to change arms or whatever? Sounds ridiculous.
  5. It is ridiculous, the individuals have no intention of moving the stick! Start in the carry and finish in the carry, stick supported by the loop for the duration.
  6. Loops? Sleeves? Tired arms? Gay. In fact, Liberace gay.

    This will be why the 'Change Arms On The March' was invented. Use it. And observe the correct timing.
  7. Why don't you get a little girl to carry it for you ,you ******* tool!
  8. or i'll carry it myself? bellend.
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Spare a thought for the Pikemen and Musketeers who carry either a big **** off pike or a 12 kilo musket. Most of them are over 80 too.

    But then again they are nails.
  10. Come on lads, a member of the non violent faction of the Armed Forces has come on here to ask a genuine question in preparation of a proud event.

    Faarse, get the pace stick under your left armpit, march smartly, confidently and be proud.

    Above all else though, please ensure you wipe every trace of your AI's sperm from your cheeks prior to the parade.
  11. But will you be able to carry it far enough without requiring MedEvac for your poor, tired, aching arm?
  12. And don't forget, faarse, you'll be on telly on Saturday morning, so we'll be able to see how you carry your stick!!
  13. We'll also be able to see how he can march with an anus like a blood orange caused by an eager AI's raping.
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  14. I'll have you know, it makes shitting a much less time consuming activity thank you.
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  15. Also how you chew gum, tick-tock and look like a toddler wearing his dad's clothes and boots.