Pace stick Competition

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by black_taxi, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. Have just heard I might be getting spammed for this in July, Any one give me a heads up as to what is involved?
    I am being bribed,getting told its 2 days onthe lash with 20 mins of drill, All answers (true or false) beleived (or believed even) what is involved in the Drill Side , I can manage the 2 days on the lash.
    8O 8) :roll: :roll:
  2. Watched it last year whilst at Sandhurst. My CSgt was entered and got really into it, but from what i gathered it's mainly a Guards orientated thing with the other entrants heading off on the piss asap. Think an RMP did really well last year though.

    If you win you go for the international pace stick comp. Qualiteeee.
  3. The coldstream guards used to have a bit of info on this website

    not sure if it's still there. Never done the competition. Pace sticking involves flipping the open stick over and over whilst marching to provide a measure pace. Are you any good at it then?

    The only thing I've ever used the pace stick for in practice is poking whilst shouting or shouting whilst poking. Good luck with it.
  4. Do not even think about turning up without a tache that would make Lionel Jeffries jealous. Slash your peak so severely that it cuts into the bridge of your nose and your field of view is restricted to the 6" in front of your mirror-like toe-caps. Its proper tick-tock stuff, always brings a lump to my throat, and a hankering for a return to the days of empire. :wink:
  5. Well thanks For the answers so far no doubt more will be forth coming , as it is I am no off for a few days R&R at home for Easter , See y,all after the break
  6. As a spectator sport this must be right up there with curling or synchronised swimming. Maybe it can become an olympic event just like beach volleyball. There's an idea. We can juice it up for telly by having all the contestants perform in bikini's or thongs.
  7. What a shower of shite. they're not even in step! The guy on our right hasn't even got his right heel on the floor yet & the lanky WO2 at the back has his foot almost flat! whatever is the world coming to?
    Oh & the guy on our left needs to swing his arms 'SHOULDER HIGH YOU WASTE OF SHAGGING RATIONS'.

    Erm, those where the days.......


  8. No they weren't.
  9. OKEE, DOKEE , thats me out on 2 counts , A. no pace stick ( Suppose I could borrow one ) and B. NO 2 Dress a bit of a sqeeze now , It is made fromthat materail that shrinks it , each time it gets cleaned, But thanx for the info ,much appreciated
  10. Cadet direct will rip you off for a pace-stick. £160. If you shop around they can be picked up cheaper but if you buy your own you'll end up paying around a hundred quid for it. Although if you buy your own it will be made to measure and you can specify what wood you want it made of. I really can't see the money in these things though yet I have never found anyone who can knock them up. A good chippy could make the stick but it's getting hold of the brass fittings and steel tips.

    It just seems alot of money for an item which you only use as a poking stick unless you're a Guardsman.

  11. Lairdx
    Couldnt agree more , there was a guy came around when I was on my All arms (TA) course, and he wanted about a ton for one then. Still not to worry, I am sure the Issue one I have snaffled will suffice to wiggle at recruits.
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I cannot beleive that we are still wasting time and money on Pace Stick competitions.

    And don't give me any of the 'great traditions, must be maintained' nonsense - Pace Sticks were only copied from the Royal Artillery by the Infantry around the late '20s. Mind you, that makes them not a loss less senior than some of the Guards Regiments :twisted:

    Haven't these people got anything better to do? err, come to think of it, probably not.... :roll:
  13. BFG 9000

    The civvy on the left of the photo with the reflector vest, seems to be in step as well :lol:
  14. Good news , forget pace stick comp 2 days on lash instead , my missus will never find out , will she? will she???