Pace beads

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Panoptes, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Evening gents,

    Pace beads- useful or just ally? What do you use?

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Piece of paracord with a load of the press clip thingies off the drawstrings of old combat jackets.

  3. I have pace beads, admittingly I've hardly ever used them, but I guess if I didn't have them, I'd need them.
    I did have paracord and drawstring clips like msr, but they were stolen. And I couln't be arrsed to steal a load more...
  4. Absolute bollocks. Look like shit and achieve almost as much. Use your head man!
  5. never found that I needed them personally... loads of my mates carry them and count on them but they rarely to come to any actual use.

    I find you rarely walk at your own pace size, but one that works best with everybody else... namely the guy at the front.... which means, for the sake of sods law... is usually either really tall or a midget.
  6. In Belize and Kenya we used the tally counter things taped to the handguard, as an aid to Navigation.
  7. I find it's easier to just leave a trail of breadcrumbs - it also helps you find you way back. Provided that you know how many you started with, you can count how many you have left and work out how far you've gone.

    Of course, animals may eat your breadcrumbs. This happened to a couple of German mates, but they were lucky and came across a house made of gingerbread....
  8. Pace Beads??????

    Heard of **** beads and a pace stick, are pace beads some type of wierd combination of both?

    Never bothered with any fancy shite like that in my day - I would of only lost it. If your an infantryman use the range adjustment dial on your susat sight - i think you had 9 clicks on that from memory. If your not use your fingers.
  9. Waaaah!

    Pace-beads are fine if you practice using them and understand their limitations. Uphill, uneven terrain and close country tend to shorten the pace. Downhill and open country tend to lengthen it. Carrying weight, day vs. night, hot, rainy, sunny, day of the week, altitude above sea level and underpant colour also seem to affect pace.
    Largely pointless unless you're actually responsible for knowing where you're going and too pikey to buy a GPS, but ally all the same......
  10. As ally as an ally thing on ally-speed! would not be withoutthem
  11. Useful when you need pinpoint accuracy. Expecially when in densely wooded areas at night, when your nav has to be spot on for 8 fig grids. 68 left footfalls usually = 100m (+/- 3m) for me.