Pablo looses his marbles!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by BarryBuddon, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Included in the text tor the benefit of the blind I suppose. The BBC, what are they like?
  2. Came back from Spain on a cheapo flight some time ago and 'Pablo' first walked up and down the a/c before take-off talking to everyone and making them feel welcome. His spiel over the air was brilliant.... funny... talking about how little we paid for the flight and benches would have sufficed etc.. but made you pay attention to what he called the serious stuff [safety brief]. A good egg.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Sounds like a top bloke.
  4. I think this guy was in the same squadron as John Peters and John Nicholl during the First Gulf War. I recognise his name from their book "Tornado Down".
  5. He's referred to as a captain. Does this refer to his status on the civvy flight, or is this dodgy reporting of him being a group captain (rtd).
  6. iirr,he also wrote a book on the air war during gw1,called pablo's war or something like that. :study:
  7. What a miserable bunch of b'stards. There's just no room for characters these days.
  8. Forget the childish 'tag', and believe me:


    If you should need the British equivalent of the aircraft captain who put the 'cab' down in the Hudson River?

    Send for 'Pablo'.

    Looks like a daft 'b*gger', has been known to act like a daft 'b*gger' -(never in the air though) - especially now he has gone grey! - but when 'FLYING' is needed, not simply 'Cab Driving', send for 'The Man'!

    'Pablo', how you were not sacked when you, 18, or 28, let alone 58, beats everyone,especially because of the moustache, BUT...................

    in the middle of the night; when the chips were down; when then cloud was on the deck; when visibility through the fog was barely beyond the aircraft nose; when the freezing weather was there; when the whole 'running goat f*ck' was apparent - you were The Man.

    Soldiers 'loved' you (I was a soldier) and you did so much for the reputation of the RAF.

    PS: 'Pablo' Mason - 'a crab' who worked for the infantry!!!
  9. Pablo Mason was indeed the formation lead for the XV Sqn sortie on which the 2 Johns were shot down. He retired soon after GW1 as a Sqn Ldr.

    Capt refers to his 'rank' with the airline.
  10. I Have just launched the Thomas Cook brochure into the bin, they can fook off for my money.

    This was the ad at the bottom of the thread

    Pablo Mason
    Squadron Leader & Amazing Character Fascinating After Dinner Speaker
  11. Quite a man, quite a pilot, and quite a character. It's a shame about the treatment he received, but that's civvy street for you I suppose.

    It's a pity he's not still in, in some capacity, as I could just picture him doing low-level passes over Taliban positions in a C-130....nnneeeeeeooooooowwwwwww!! 8O

    Actually, why isn't he in the RAFVR or RAuxAF?

    (I'll answer that myself...because some bureaucrat in the MOD took against him)
  12. Agreed 1000%. I knew Pablo years ago (in a past life). Complete Star and would always, ALWAYS, have time for you whatever rank/Capbadge/Service you were.

    We need more of his type
  13. He would empty his Browning at them out of the cockpit window. Then jump out the back and kick their heads in. Believe me - He would!
  14. Indeed, maybe he is on the reserve ?, top bloke and a sense of humour to boot. Thomas Cook won`t be getting any of my wedge in the future.