Discussion in 'REME' started by Heywood_Jablowme, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. for all of those who are about to attempt a PAAB, a bit of advice...

    1.Wear the Combat Coveralls, thats sure to impress your syndicate members.

    2."Excuse me, i'm talking"..a great put-down in the group discussion.

    3."I think women shouldn't be in the REME"...this'll get the conversation going.

    4.If you are being watched by the DS,say the first thing that comes into your head,you won't get noted for being too quiet.

    5."Great leaders...Mugabe's got the right idea and Hitler was unlucky"

    6.In the mess,walk around like a lost sheep and if someone tries to wah you,go along with it and humour them...the jokes on them then.

    7.Mention that you are para/cdo trained at least 400 times.

    8.Remember that no.32 never fails.

    9.On the gun run,instill team thinking by letting go of the rope.

    10.The one with the biggest hangover can clearly see the solution on the leaderless tasks.

    11.He/She won't be a tech!!

    12.The individual assault course is your time to shine.The longer you've been a tiffy, the more you got on it.

    13.Go to the toilet before you go to the PAAB area, this shows initiative.

    14.Interest your interviewing officer with 'on-the-piss' stories.

    15.Be subtle and plug your lecturette in the group discussion,let everyone know you are a keen campanologist.You reap the benefit of giving a lecture on it.

    16.When you pass your PAAB,hang on another night in the mess and prop up the bar as if you've been there years, with sayings like 'same again Tony'
  2. Does this work for the forced PAAB too or just the i have bothered my arrse to get Pot Art Maths/Trade and pass BEME, Comd ES interwiews and organise pish ups in breweries etc etc etc?
    I fecking love Tiff by numbers me!
    Morale(Tiffs) will get better(produced) or the beatings(goalposts) will continue(move).
    Ha Ha
    Twitter and bisted.
  3. you're right about the new system,i did bother my arrse to run around for everyone,sit the essays and papers,do the interviews etc.they have changed it all to increase the 'pool',which maybe detrimental to the quality of the artificer,only time will tell.

    any more top tips?
  4. 1. In the interview make sure you use lots of big words that you don't know the meaning of - they'll never guess.....much!

    2. On the individual assault course make sure you clatter into the tree on the rope swing - that will gain you a few sympathy points.

    3. Always knob-nosh up the bar in the evening buying rounds for the ASM, because you really think that will make any difference.

    4. Wear your latest designer clubbing suit - that always fits in well on a mid-morning interview.

    5. If things have gone pear shaped then play the trump card by dropping in the old, "Did I mention I play Corps rugby?"

    6. Finally, remember that nobody who's got through it (including me) knows bugger all about what they want to see so don't listen to anything anybody tells you!
  5. Make sure you wear your Corps tie on the first day.

    (take your own scissors)


  6. Or is that just an urban myth?
    Gobshite that he is has anyone seen him do it?
  7. It's been a few years since I attended PAAB so he may well have done it by now, he did threaten it a few times though. Perhaps he was all hot air? :D
  8. Another good 'un on the individual assault course...the gap to the square frame obstacle. Don't get the planks to breach the gap. Just take a run at it, dive through head first and do a 'face assisted' stop in the sand/gravel. Gets some points for initiative and gives the DS a good laugh....apparently :oops:
  9. Thanks you for that. I'll look for no 32, no sympathy if you hit the tree and playing rugby won't help.
  10. chatting to some of the lads on their paab today,one was i/c gun run and passed, so that kind of dispells that rumour a bit, although one of his section did drop the rope on the final hurdle.
    that's a sure fire way to make yourself instantaneously popular.
  11. Be yourself. You've either got IT or you haven't, and the only place to find out if you've got IT is when trying to command 5 other people while you're hanging upside-down from a scaffold pole cradling a log.

    The interviews and essays, tiffy dilemma are just icing on the cake, if you havn't got the cake there's no point having icing. If you are borderline on the area then good indoors may lift you to a pass. If you pass well on the area then a crap essay won't mean you fail, it just means you need more essay practice!

    Top-tip from someone who's just come back from a PAAB as a group leader:- GET A SENSE OF URGENCY! And note this is not the same as "gob off a lot"!!!!
  12. hmmm, i did all that the first post said and i never passed!! and i was I/C gun run, maybe its a good job im a civvy now and lovin it to bits!!
  13. Maj Boothroyd, I too have been DS on a number of PAABs and a lot of the evidence was provided by MCM DIV and the Trade Schools. Has this evidence now become less important as there will be less of it now, as candidates are maybe younger and less experienced. The reports from MCM Div and the trade schools used to almost over-rule the board members at times.

    Just interested as the Irish Major (retd) used to carry a lot of influence on the final board markings - remember ?
  14. another day another PAAB,i've lost count.Lets see if they've taken any tips on board.
  15. Bit utopian that isn't it MB? Come on tiffs - were you 'yourselves' on PAAB? And what is 'it'? The 'it' to pass PAAB? Passing PAAB does require some ability and certain key character traits but there is a big 'playing the game' element too. The selection procedure is hardly scientific and the amount of very average tiffs in the system bears that out. Of course there are good ones too but that has nothing to do with PAAB; they would have been good anyway. In my career I have seen mates who were excellent tradesmen, had the respect of their peers, were top blokes and good soldiers. Despite these necessary attributes, DWs all round. They were just too honest. They had 'it' though.....