Discussion in 'REME' started by sparkysrevenge, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. does anyone know if u are l/cpl and pass a paab, do u get promoted to full cpl local, acting or sub.
  2. Hopefully none of theabove. You should work for it like a lot of others have done before you. It is not a bauble to be dished out willy nilly. Call me an old fartacus but each rank must be earned not given.
  3. i dont think so like sparky, as most people are doing at the end of their class 1's the majority will be LCpl's, they still have to complete 2 years before being considered at the course loading board, this gives plenty time to get your promotion. you also require a recommendation on your CR for promotion to Sgt before they will consider you, so no passing a PAAB will not gain automatic promotion to Cpl. i know of a few people who have passed PAAB in the last 2 years and have still remained LCpl.
    i hope this helps
  4. With the old system, once you past PAAB you recieved your local Cpl if you were not one anyway, however with the introduction of the one day "Pass" PAAB, things have most probably changed, and you most probably get to wear your Sargeant tapes straight away. oooh so Bitchy!!!! :lol:
  5. i knew i would get someone like gundog
    thanx to everyone else just a romuer going around, nice to know some people in this corp like to help instead of bitching?
  6. Spoke to a few Candidates who have attempted both PAAB`s, (Silly people) and they have concluded that the one day PAAB is easier to attempt and pass. Maybe they are short of Tiffy`s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my last message i did start to answer a question however, the little green angry goblin popped it`s head. Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  7. bully.... you said you spoke to candidates that had attempted both PAAB's there is no doubt that a 1 day PAAB will be easier than the pressure of the 3 day one, but is it possible they maybe found it easier because they knew what to expect the 2nd time round?
  8. Agreed, they would of had the experience of a first PAAB, however alot of assesments are missed out or shortened, such as the Tiffy Dilema, on a three day PAAB the candidate was expected to work out and write down their planalong with alternatives :D which could of taken upto 2 hours. With the 1 day PAAB it is a group effort except for a quick 10 min question and answer assesment.
  9. Bloody Smileys, was supposed to be at the end of the sentance!!!! :oops:
  10. i realise that there has been alot of things dropped from the old PAAB, which in turn will make things easier, i just wanted to point out that coupled with the experience of the 3day PAAB and having already been there once it would be inevitable that the PAAB would be found easier 2nd time round regardless of the fact it has been shortened as you already know what to expect. :D
  11. Just as I did my PAAB they changed the corps instruction, saying that you dont get your local full corporal, that was this time last year. I didnt know this until after I had passed my PAAB I was gutted!!
  12. so have you picked up yet then kermit?
  13. blacktower point taken my friend, another point that i would like to mention, with the three day PAAB you can mess up in the first Two days but still show sufficient qualities to pass in the third day, with the one day PAAB you can mess up in that day and thats it, your either deffered watch for two years or you get "Don`t darken our doors again".

    Kermy Frog, you will be there soon mate!!!!
  14. No I f**king haven't!

    But Im not bitter.....................................ok?
  15. so u lot dont think that passing a paab and showing u have the potental to the level off staffy u should not get ure full cpl even if only local.