PAAB pass after class 1 = switch off?

Discussion in 'REME' started by TRFin_Amec, Nov 7, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone else found the loss of interest from class 1 PAAB kiddies a strain on the workers. But then again they are given their second for getting qualified, their third for getting on the course and a crown for finishing. Why should they try? lance-jack to staffy in four years and people wonder why some don't get any respect.
  2. Were they ever switched on?
  3. Balls post.

    Blokes are all rubbish these days
    Techs aren't as good as Mechs
    B Mechs squat to p!ss
    Girls cant pick up a tool box
    Tiffy's have no spines
    Artisans are the only ones who look after their troops
    Officers can't lead/make engineering decisions


    What is our forum coming to? Why is it all we can do is slag people off? I must admit I haven't heard anyone refer to us as the top 10% for along time and Im quite glad if the standard of post is indicative to our attitude in the Corps.

    Sorry TRF_A, this is by no means personal but Im fed up with reading about how things were better in the day etc etc.

    Rant over, I'll get my coat.
  4. Ive recently done the 2 -day PAAB during my Class 1 course and I think it's a total waste of time,I reckon its best to do it maybe 6 months after leaving SEME,Doing your PAAB during a important part of your course where you have exams that if you fail you get thrown off and have to stay in hell...sorry Bordon for a few weeks/months longer is a bad idea,all thats on your mind is remembering how to remove a fuel bag on a CVRT word for word as per written down in the bloody EMER's,the last thing you wanna think about is how to calculate the speed and time it takes joe bloggs to have a shit,wipe his arse in the dark using only 1 leaf and no hands.

    The PAAB should be something that you want to do when you think you are ready(maybe with a little encouragement from the boss),being put on the PAAB without the option to say no(you do get the option,but if the 2i/c gets wind of it count your arse on duty for the duration of your stay and a posting to 4Bn..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!) is wrong.

    And im not being sexist but how is it that girls(funnily enough techs) can perform absolutely shit throughout the day,not be able to run/jog between stands,have no physical strength and be as quiet as a door mouse,but be able to count to 20 without taking her boots and socks off pass a PAAB????surely it should marked on your qualities through out the day,for my next PAAB im gonna eat loads of pies do no phys for 2 years but learn to count to 30...surely I should pass???
  5. Thank you for reiterating my post
  6. A tiffy is the top 10% of the top 10% does that put them firmly in the top1%?

    Who cares?

  7. Its not the girls fault, its a modern day "company" ploy called positive discrimination. It all kicked in when women were allowed to apply for all type of trade not just WRAC. The aim was to get women accelerated up the promotion ladder in order for it to be balanced, and this then had recruitment implications and PC implications for the MOD.
  8. Positive discrimination my arrse :x There is nothing in Corps instructions saying that if you squat (not refering to B mechs 8) ) and don't have balls (definetly not refering to tiffys :lol: ) you get a PAAB pass without any effort :evil:
  10. No, people moan on this site because it's easier to knock the system than do anything about it. I suspect Sparky's comments are aimed at the raft of threads which start with a 'It was better/harder in my day and the current generation are rubbish' rant but don't conclude with any constructive criticism or recommendation. When an individual whinges and ticks in this manner they come across as a) bitter and twisted or b) lacking an opinion of their own and regurgitating the bile of a bitter and twisted, passed over for artisan staffy, 22yr sergeant who thinks the army owes him a living (just generalising for effect, I’ve only met a few with this attitude). How about a bit of loyalty and respect for the silent professionals who just ‘get on with it’ and try to make their small corner of the corps that little bit better without, banter aside, slating each other/the ‘system’.

    Back on thread...

    Whether you're talking about your own tradesmen or your peers I would suggest the answer is to show them the error of their ways. Surely they still need the appropriate recommendation on their CR for the board. I'm sceptical of the new system having had to jump through the appropriate hoops myself but I'll reserve judgement until I meet the new breed when they emerge from the factories. One thing I learnt early on was to avoid judging your own career by comparing it with others. Decide what you want and go for it. Don't complain about the lumpy jumpers getting promoted ahead of you, they're only playing the hand they've been dealt and you’ve got to do the same.
  11. they should make the PAAB 10 weeks living in a lake...6 weeks of it leaderless.

    Then write an essay on your experiences.Txt spk no gd tho, tht'll rul hlf ov u owt.

    Scotsmen need not apply.

    Welsh will have to prove there worth by removing any phalange from their right hand.

    If you fail an RCB we'll welcome you aboard anyway.

    It's only right and proper we do things correctly.

    Once you finish your course, we need to ensure that the course previous to you get paid twice as much. That will keep you logging on to Arrse and keep some valid whinges coming.
  12. Wake up you naive fool, do you honestly believe for one minute that everything revoles around Corps intstruction when it comes to selecting pot Arts. You need a lesson in who actually runs the show, its not the PAAB at SEME, its not Glasgow and its not DEME(A), I think you'll find it goes a lot higher than that.
  13. At the end of the day fuku, if we need 10 Art Elec's, we'll get 10 Art Elec's, if we need 10 Women Art's, we'll get 10 Women Art's, its the law of the land I'm afraid. When there is a need, you can't be picky and that's the PAAB has turned into a joke.