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Discussion in 'REME' started by spaz, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Should turning up for PAAB wearing a black suit with a black shirt guarantee an instant fail? Surely it indicates that your judgement is not to be trusted where anything important is concerned, if you think tipping up looking like a chav in a Registry office will make a good impression. Any thoughts?
  2. Just dont wear a corps tie and you'll not upset the applecart. Know a bloke on his course now who wore a collarless suit jacket and mickey mouse tie and it didnt do him any harm. Its more about how you put yourself across and whether you act like a good bloke with a bit of sense, rather than asthetic details.
  3. I thought that mess-tin order was the future?
  4. He is a technician isnt he.
  5. After reading the title I thought they'd changed the joining instructions so everyone had to turn up in a dress :oops:
  6. IMHO it is a disgrace that any one would discourage the wearing of the Corps tie. It is all part of Corps pride and Esprit de Corps you wouldn't catch a guards man shying away from his Div tie for example.

  7. No mate, he isnt a tech.
  8. A guy who i beleive is now an ASM was my full screw at my first unit... he turned up on his PAAB with no eyebrows as he got pished in the bar on a friday night, fell asleep (with bottom lip hanging down as per usual) so the lads promptly shaved his brows. He flew to UK on the Sunday to start PAAB Monday!

    He passed!

    Who cares what your wearing?!!
  9. An Armourer?
  10. As we assembled on my PAAB, waiting at the block to do the first task which I think was the essay, you kind of eyed the others up and down to check who you knew etc. I recognised an aquaintence and whilst chatting to him a new lad wandered over. Now, I'll give you that it was 98 but this bloke had on winkle picker shoes, a drainpipe pair of trousers, white shirt with a dark burgundy suit jacket (of what I can only call Spandau Ballet stylee, cut tight at the waist and then massive shoulder pads) and get this, a pencil thin tie.
    Obviously we tried to stiffle the guffaws as he was clearly on another planet. I think that might just have been his peak to as he failed miserably.

    Oh and trade? He was a gunfitter
  11. A guy on mine in 2004 made me laugh, he was wearing a shit brown slightly flared suit and a kipper tie. Must have been a 10 pfeg bet. I don't know if he passed or not, he was a tech I believe.

    Also during the slow time walk through assault course intro, six people fell off the rope swing into the water, every one a tech :D
  12. Of course spaz! I'll do phys with you any day & Im an old man
  13. Now I'm not implying all techs are limp wristed biffas sparky, just that these six amused me. One of them was in my syndicate, when we came to do the Gun run she fell in again three times before we tied her to the swing with a toggle rope in order to get her across.
  14. With the new 1 day PAAB the first 3 assessment tasks are done in coveralls. The candidates then go and change for the final planning task. Candidates have already made their initial impression on the Board and what they wear in the afternoon has no real influence on the assessment.

    Sartorial elegance is not a necessary prerequisite for becoming an Artificer