PAAB dress code

It seems that the Corps tie has been replaced with a skirt.

News on the grapevine is that an English bloke was seen sporting a Kilt and woolly socks in leu of a good old fashioned suit (as per admin instruction)

In English please
Had further int on this as the day progressed.

A certain fella turned up for PAAB today wearing a Kilt instead of trousers with his suit.
Much to the amusement of all.

PAAB rooms......Fly on the wall?....loved to have been! :lol:
One of our lads in on PAAB this week, I will be asking hiom for the Gen when he gets back into theatre. It wouldn't surprise me if it was him who wore the kilt.
A guy tipped up on mine with what I can only describe as a Spandau Ballet jacket (you know the type, really big padded shoulders and cut really tight at the bottom), drainpipe trousers, winkle picker shoes and a piano tie. Needless to say the atmosphere picked up massively and I was most surprised to find out that he failed.
Yeah, Sparky it was you. Still wearing it to this day. Passed on your second attempt though, wearing a REME RU shirt and an Elvis wig.........
Hah hah, bet no one was laughing if it was a large Fijian bloke wearing a skirt!
Steady on PB, those winkle pickers did me proud! If i remember rightly the guy in question was a Gun fitter was going to be posted to lyneham in 99. He decided at the end of the penultimate day that he didnt want to be a tiffy as he didnt want to move around every 2 or 3 years. Cue puzzled look from myself and question of "Isn't that what everyone in the Corps does?". Mumbled reply and shuffled response. My only thoughts were that this oxygen thief had stolen someone else's place on PAAB.
I spoke to the guy on the PAAB and not only did he wear a kilt but he finished his outfit off with a corps tie as well. Apparently he managed to keep it unsnipped as well. They must have been in shock at the kilt!
Just spoke to a very good friend of mine who was on the same PAAB, and was informed that the aforementioned gentleman did not reach the required standard at this moment in time.
While the chap in the quilt did stand out - he was not as illuminated as the candidate with WHITE socks in a dark suit!!!

I wonder if his preparation involved an analysis of the clothing expectations!!!!
A certain R ANGLIAN officer of my acquaintance, who i have bumped into at every stage of my career from RCB to "bye-bye the cake" used to massively improve the sartorial profile at abbeywood dressed in his kilts and jackets. Made my septic colleagues from Lockheed stare a bit...
Whilst I usually do bite, I have a hangover that would kill an electrician
and a cock thats glows in the dark due to the fact that I have been hammering dismayed_ve's mum all night, oh the look on her face as I pulled it out of her arrse was a sight to forget.

Now do us all a favour an feck aff you trollin dagwonker!!!!

Oh yeah, have a nice day :)
You three are supposed to be in the top ten percent of the army, yet all you can do is chuck childish insults at each other. Sort your problems out away from here, you make me ashamed to be in the same Corps as you.
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