Pa Broone is likened to Moses according to La Mandelson!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncle_vanya, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. It has been reported in a number of Sunday newspapers, the 'Sunday Telegraph' that Peter Lord Mandelson has likened Gordon Brown to 'Moses', the he willl... "Lead the Nation out of econcomic and fiscal gloom!'

    Wow, and treble wow!! I wonder what planet Mandelson has been living on? All Lord Peter is doing is stroking Brown's over inflated ego. Maybe Gordon Brown really does think that he is the "Bestest Thing since Deep Fried Battered Mars Bars!"

    Gordon Brown is more like a 'Jonah on a stick'. Somebody has given him the Evil Eye, and maybe Lord Peter is there to stroke it away with soft cooing and praises!

    A sychophantic Labour Minister stroking his bosses overinflated ego. Well, why not, after all Mandelson has to thank Brown for bringing him back into Governement when nobdoy else probably would! :p

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  2. Fuckinglieingcorruptdishonestthievingcnutofawanker
    Like Moses??????????
    Only in the sense of expecting us to believe in nonfucking existent miracles
  3. Sorry, more like Pharoah after all didn't he tell the Children of Israel to make more bricks with less straw and clay.
    As for Mandy he was living on the planet Euro, where everything is un regulated and expenses are unaudited, total muppet!
  4. How I wish Spitting Iamge were still going..... sigh.....
  5. Poofter Mandleson has never lived in the real world,"he" doesn't now and "he" never will do.

    Formerly a communist party member,the Prince of Darkness has falsified has mortgage application,(allegedly) taken backhanders from the Hinduja brothers in their vain attempt to gain British citizenship,again(allegedly) taken a backhander from a Russian oligarch(who Uncle Sam won't allow into the USA due to his involvement in organised crime).

    His Brazilain partner has probably been granted citizenship through the boyfriend pulling strings.

    The fact that until early October Cyclops could not stand the Prince of Darkness,then suddenly"he" is elevated to the House of Lords,to save Mc Broon's political skin says it all.

    The views of this shirtlifter are not worth the paper they are written on.

    May "he" die a permature unatural,painful and protracted death.
  6. The only thing Moses and Broon have in common is that they are both basket cases.
  7. Keep voting them in, result, 40 years in the wilderness.
  8. At least Moses new the way out of it.
  9. If you think that Mandy thinks that gordo is the man, you have underestimated Mandy.

    HE is the man.
    He pulls the strings.
    He makes the decisions.
    He is VERY well connected internationally...........

    As with so many 'leaders', they are the front men for the anonymous holders of the real power.

    (A paranoid conspiracy theorist!)
  10. He's certainly afflicted the UK with diverse plagues.
  11. When's the wedding?
  12. The one I liked was: "Great, so he started off a basket case and is now taking the tablets".
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, in some respects it might be true.

    He's received the ten commandments from the arrse-bandit.

    Unfortunately, despite being a baby boy, he wasn't killed at birth.

    He IS delivering the Jockanese from slavery, but he's taking them all to hell.

    Cyclops will indeed fail to gain entrance to the kingdom of the Jockanese after they get their wish to be independant, partly because he will stab the Europoof in the back and not listen to His instructions - these being how to get votes from an increasingly angry, disenfranchised and poverty-stricken electorate.

    Another similarity of course is that the 'Moses' episode happened thousands of years ago - roughly the same time as the latest edition of 'Ye Verily Holy Bookes of Financial Prudenth' was produced - the one Cyclops used in his studies.
  14. [​IMG]

    Ed Moses, 400m hurdler, twice Olympic champion, twice world champion, world record holder for 16 years, unbeaten during a nine year, nine month, nine day spell


    Gordon Brown set fire to his head with the Olympic torch!

    I can't see the comparison myself!
  15. There I fixed it for you. :D