P90X ?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by DesktopCommando, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Been doing Atkins diet for few months quite successfully baring in mind cant stick to it with exercises and other Military obstacles getting in the way, although my weight has dropped consistently my running has been hit hard, when on normal PT lessons with no 'extra' energy to sprint on, so PFT's and CFT's I dextrose up early in the morning.

    But I've still got my '1 pack', after getting trapped on a infomercial channel without a remote to change it, I got watching the P90X workout, and was wondering if any Arrser's have tried it ? if it was worth giving a go to try getting a :excited: 6 pack :excited: honest answers please, the other drivel can go to the naafi bar !

    P90X Workout - P90X Extreme Home Fitness Training
  2. Got mates who now look like muscular jimmy somervilles due to P90X

    Its a great work out if you've got the spac and a TV/DVD

    You gotta eat cabs to perform though. atkins means you are running on agricultural diesel and not 4 star. You won't get functionally fit with out out the fuel!!

    I've got P90x but not had the option to use it much (environment, not mtivation)

    I've dropped 2 stone in 2 months, I started eating raw, grazing, protein and veg and fruit with only hard breads/pitta/german black breads. loads of ham loads of eggs, nowt processed, humus was my friend along with bannanas and nuts

    however did smash out a mile a day in the pool and visit the gym every afternoon

    stiill got along way to go till I hit Sparta, but the love bumps are the last to go
  3. If you don't have as much space / kit for P90X you can try Insanity / Insanity:Asylum. All are pretty effective from speaking to people who have done them.
  4. Ordered the Pack, may as well try to get stronger and leaner
  5. Fast Delivery off Amazon, reading into the food plan is quite confusing, so after chatting with a BeachBody Coach from their site, I think Ill stick with Aktins and increase my intake on vegetable carbs. If anyone else is thinking of doing this fitness regiment then you need to get a door pullup bar, resistance bands or dumbells, some whey powder (yanks have a version thats too costly to import) and a mat. I'll post piccys of my fat belly that'll make jarrod drool before and after
  6. Edited for reason: honesty.

    We know you think about him all the time.

    You'd better shape up,
    Cause he needs a man,
    That will keep him satisfied!

    Don't forget the Grease.
  7. The Atkins Diet - a word of warning.

    This diet will/may do you some good in the short term. However, in the the long term it won't! It is basically an 'unbalanced' diet - we should all be eating a balanced diet. We should also eat less, exercise more and cut out the crap. Why do I say these things, I hear you ask?: Quite simple - my father had bowel cancer. Not fun. At the time my brother was on the Atkins diet (funnily enough, put on it by his wife, a nurse, who should have known better). The subject (Atkins) came up at the hospital, and the Doctor went ape.

    Atkins Facts - Cancer
  8. **** paying for it. Go on the I P torrent and down load the whole thing for free.
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