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  1. when do you get issued your P90 (army ID)?
  2. Oh dear!

    Its a MOD90 and you will get it in Phase 1
  3. Sorry for some reason i was under the impression it was a P90..
    thanks for the quick reply
  4. Too much COD for you!!
  5. lol never really played it to be honest, i'm sure i read it on here haha! we all start somewhere!
  6. Don't lose the fecker!
  7. What a P90, a Personal Defence Weapon?
  8. Oh yeah definately don't lost it, you'll get into a little trouble ;)
  9. Is that not PPW? Personal Protection Weapon :)

    And if you add an x onto your P90X you'll have a training program ;-)

  10. I nearly ended up in the cells last night after tying to get in drunk using a P90 instead of my MOD90.. Apparently its just not cricket!
  11. lol the clip is funny
  12. Are you a musician?

    I only ask as the P90 is a type of single coil pick-up used on some classic Gibson electric guitars. (As opposed to Gibsons more famous double coiled "humbucker" designs.