P90 Fun????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tango34_UK, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Define 'good'.
  2. Next question. Why???


    Village of the Geeks.
  3. Good drills to use the little brother as the test subject. :twisted:
  4. Very walt but I'm actually impressed, watch the video.

    Can i get one on an LMG for my garden?
  5. Read the FAQ's on the site, he might let you have his plans if you ask him.........
  6. Obviously never seen Aliens II directors cut then "look at those animal cutters go"

    Night/low light capable as well? COOOOOOOOL!

    Personally , I like it! What are the legal issues though? Can I use 10mm explosive tipped caseless? (I'm nowhere near a heat exchanger) :D
  7. I'm impressed. About 150 quid all in. DPA can't write a one-line email for that. How much do you think the project would have cost if they had been in charge? Plus, of course it wouldn't work half as well as this.

    Now all we have to is hook it up to an explosives sniffer and stick them outside bus shelters and underground stations.
  8. That's not a walt! That's a seriously intelligent kid having an interesting idea and getting off his arrse and actually making it a reality. Fair play to him, and I hope he ends up getting a well paid job contract out of the exposure he's getting.

    On a note, I wish I had the brains to come up with something like that. I'd love to fit one of those to cover my driveway and stop the little chavs coming anywhere near the motor!
  9. bump - loving it
  10. Think the film is just called "Aliens" not "Aliens II"
    Would be a handy bit of kit though could not get the link to work proper, just end up at the homepage of USmech.
  11. Link gone - anyone got another for whatever it is we're meant to be looking at?
  12. dittio