If you got graded P8 over five years ago for something that now has been treated, and can be backed up by my doctor will it stop me passing a medical again because i have been turned away in the past?
It says untreated hypertension should be graded P8, which it was at the time. However now it has been succesfully treated. Would you say that it will be okay then? it doesnt say anything about if it has been treated.
Try writing to the MO at your nearest AFCO/ACIO, ask your questions, put it in an envelope marked 'Medical - in confidence', and stick this in another letter to the recruiting office, asking them if they can pass it to the MO.
The recruiters can't answer medical questions, but that is the advice they've given in the past.


Have you any interesting medical problems that we may be more placed to help you with? Problems of the more 'personal' kind. The ones which you wouldn't discuss with your Mum.

Dr AB Biscuits MD.

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