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P8 MMA/MPA thread.

As have the Russkis - civ version mind.


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Exactly; we could do worse. The Austrians have also just ordered the AW139M too.
If it’s good enough for protecting the ICBM silo’s it should be good enough for bespoke medium lift that is required by SF.


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If you're trying to post a Twitter post, it's not coming through at my end. Is there any actual information beyond "Aussies buying another pair"?
Only just announced so it hasn't hit the newsstands, so will update when it comes through

Only have the above tweet, and the one below from the current Australian Defence Minister as of this time.



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Flight Global Article on this morning's announcement



Lossie has been busy recently with the east coast VP squadrons deployed there alongside the RAF ones. As it happened last month one P8 carried Out couple of touch n’gos at the Hall here (my photos from cold afternoon).


I do hope they get taken. There is lots of work for the current fleet.
Well, given the mighty numbers of RN hulls available to patrol UK waters, aviation is the way to go to maximise coverage.
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