p8 medical discharge due to 'funny turn'

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by georgey, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. This story might freak you out a bit..

    I have been a healthy fit soldier for over 6 years, with no major discipline/admin problems. I was top of my game when my chain of command reccommended me for a cadre course.

    I invested every ounce of time/energy and even some money into the cadre course and was in the top of third for the week. Unfortunatelly got worked my head a bit too hard and tripped out.

    When I came to my senses I thought I'd passed out. But that's when I was informed by MO that I'd had a 'spectacular psychological breakdown.'

    after 6 days in an secure MOD MHU I finally returned to normal jogging, but then after months of waiting I was sent to a medical board and told that I was being considered as P8 due there being a small chance of a relapse with very high consequences. I was handed my appendix 10 and told to fill out an FMED 24 and wait for a call from the APC.

    The problem is that no one seems to be sure what the state of my condition is, and the army doesn't seem to keen on taking ownership which leaves me wondering if I don't know what my condition is and I don't know how it started then how do I get support and how can I be sure it isn't 'service attributable'

    Honest advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. There are many threads on related subjects, and your next port of call must be your Unit Welfare Officer but.....

    You will have/should have been given a copy of your FMed133 (medical history on release from Armed Forces), a full DMICP printout (computerised summary of your medical history), and a copy of 'Transition to Civvy Street - A Welfare Guide' at the same time as you were given your Appx 10. In addition, your medical condition should have been fully explained to you by the med board. If you were not given all these documents, or your medical condition was not fully explained to you, then, through your UWO, ask for these to be provided.

    Your Resettlement Officer will also have been notified that you have been recommended for discharge and you should now visit him at the earliest opportunity (you can locate him via your nearest AEC) to discuss resettlement. You will be entitled to a full resettlement package - make you you make the most of it.

    If you think your medical condition was attributable to military service then check that your AFCS claim is in train (if you are being med discharged then generally this is an automatic process by SPVA and you don't have to do anything, but always check). Do it now.

    Get yourself loaded on to Core Recovery Events, and other activity that might aid your transition (this includes work placements, training, financial grants etc) at your nearest/most convenient Personnel Recovery Centre. As a P8 you are automatically entitled to make full use of these opportunities and application should be through your UWO.

    Finally, don't dwell on what's happened. Focus on your recovery and successful transition into civvy street. Lots have been in a similar situation and got through it with tremendous success.
  3. Curious, where is there a secure MOD mental health unit? Were you sectioned to be put there? And you came out and went straight back to normal duties.
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Abingdon, the gate guards are shit hot.
  5. You're clearly true to your signature.

    I think the above documents may be in the post so I'll need to analyze and research whatever technical conclusion they've decided to 'go with.' Then find a doctor who isn't so distracted by the 'system' to forget to consider rehabilitation.
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Joking aside you will find it difficult to find a doctor who isn't part of the system.

    It's a numbers game nowadays and remember we are trying to lose people and I am convinced the doctors have a quota to fill.
  7. To answer all your questions

    Mental health ward 12 in boston holds some pretty scary people and has an MOD wing.

    You can only be sectioned under the mental health act if you fail to conform to treatment. You don't need to be sectioned to be confined to a secure ward if your condition is considered as 'volatile'

    Once psychiatrists are assured you're condition is 'stable' you can then be discharged.

    I forgot to mention the only stipulation was I not allowed to handle live weapons incase of another episode.
  8. it might be difficult to assure you otherwise but 'quotas' are not part of the process. The simple question to be answered is "does each soldier meet the minimum medical standards required of his Arm or Service". If yes, jog on. If no, PAP 10.
  9. I knew the Pilgram was part of the 8 hospitals awarded the contract just didn't know it was a secure unit.
  10. I agree with counter bluffer on that one. I don't think the APHCS is corrupt enough to conform to 'quotas'. It just feels that the whole APHCS system seems to be gearing towards passing judgement instead of offereing help.
  11. A discharge after "one turn"?

    How long was the time line of events?

    Have had you had any follow up and been seen by a consultant.?

    Am I right in recalling that a medical board has to be seen by two doctors?
  12. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    What does this actually consist of?
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  13. In the army's eyes it was very sudden and unexpected. In my eyes a long one.

    If i wanted to tell people that I would of.
  14. Get in touch with the Legion mate, they're very much geared up for such issues.

    And that's the British one BTW, not the French one. That would be a bad move. Good luck, sounds a bad experience however all you can really do is prep your way forward and as another psoted added, not dwell on it. The Army will never ever give you a rifle again (HMS Astute!) so effectively your military career is over. Use the system to your best advantage now , resettlement and onging support etc.

    Good luck.