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Hellow everyone,
I'm a very keen enthusiastic and a determined lad from the islands of fiji looking to live my dreams of joining the British army. I applied online from Fiji and flew over to the UK on the 13th of October, 2016 and had my selection assessment done at Pirbright on the 17th. I was disqualified from selection due to a Bicuspid Aortic Valve disorder which I had no idea I had and obviously I was shattered knowing my dreams have come to an end.

I went to consult a Cardiologist regarding this and after a few apppointments and scans my cardiologist declared and cleared me fit to join despite having this disorder. He advised me that it was normal with no aortic stenosis or whatsoever associated with my BAV and i will only feel symptoms at the old age of 60 or 70. I do not have any symptoms of an irregular BAV patient. I do exercises daily everyday, I ran my personal best time of 9:01 mins in the 1.5mile at an assessment course that I signed up for with the 167 catering support unit at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks at Grantham where I got a certificate for passing the course. My consultant cardiologist also said that I can undergo vigorous and strenuous physical training as it will have no effect at all whatsoever. I know my capabilities, I'm an athlete middle distance runner in the 200 and 400m sprints and also a keen rugby player back in fiji so training hasn't been of any problem to me in the past.

I had prepared myself well coming over just to fall short coz of a disorder. I appealed to the Assessment team in Pirbright but was rejected coz BAV falls under a P8 medical review. Wondering if there's someone here that can help me with my next appeal or should I wait for another set of recruitment to try again. This is my dream, i left my degree from university and I flew 26 hours all the way just to join the army where I applied for the specialist role of Combat Med Tech. Hoping my dream is still alive. Came here looking for answers coz I know and i can feel it deep within me that I'm a well beyond capable young man to join and would be an asset to the army. I've heard that some recruits walk out during training in phase 1 because they cannot endure the physicality and the pressure of training and im here waiting and thinking if that opportunity was given to me I would have done way better than the number of pupils that walked out.

If the army is under man and struggling with strength capacity they should try reviewing their medical criteria to join as alot of commonwealth candidates that are keen only fall short coz of this. There are some medical barriers that can be overlooked or maybe so. I am made for the British army and I don't and never have seen myself anywhere else but the British army.

Please help,
Fallen Fijian.


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