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P8 army medical

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Wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on a P8.just failed my army medical as they found a atrial septal defect on my echo but prior to that( 3 weeks )before my army medical i had a echo at my local university for some fitness tests i did for college and no defect was found,i have seen my cardiologist and i have to wait a couple of weeks for another echo to see what exactly is going on but he said if i have this defect it will not affect me in any way,he even cleared me for a skydive,i did my 1.5 mile run in 6mins 45,i'm a amateur boxer with a couple of fights under my wing and played for a premier league footy academy team till i was 16 so i'm fit and healthy so gutted if i can't get in,anyone got any advice would be appreciated.

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Look for the thread all about medical stuff. It's large enough that it's visible from space with the naked eye.


And you had already been directed to it by me, under your original ID.

You therefore either cannot follow simple instructions, or believe that they can’t possibly apply to you. Neither of these traits will help you if you continue with your goal of having a career in the military.
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