P7R medical downgrading

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tank_Mech, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. I am in the process of rehabilitating a knee injury. I attend physiotherapy regularly and it may take up to 3 months to get me 'ship shape' again. I seen my doctor (civvy im MRS) who downgraded me to P7R. Obviously I am not happy with this as it means I can't deploy. I am satisfied that my knee needs time to heal etc, but surely this doesn't warrant a downgrading to P7 standard. I am able to do my own PT, and before anyone starts I'm not a malingerer and I am willing to take part in any physical rehab programme. The question is----can I get a referral to another doctor and get myself upgraded to maybe P3 during my rehab period? DOes there need to be a downgrading board or can the doctor just P7 anyone he feels fit? Advice greately appreciated.
  2. I believe you have been placed P7 for a reason i.e to get your knee in full working order before you go out and play soldiers again. Any attempt to force the issue could result in long term problems and even permanent downgrading for yourself. Best advice, stick with your docs advice
  3. Yes m8 you can ask to see anoher Doc, but they talk to each other like anyone else in the same workplace. I am suprised me hasn't referred you to a physio-terrorist for a work programme / referral to the Regional Rehab Unit (RRU).

    It might be that he is new in post and doesn't know the system (yet) they are human as well.

    If you need more info let me know what location your in and I should be able to give ya more direction
  4. Listen mate I know its hard for you especially if you are normally a sports billy and active person. My only advice is dont rush back too soon and give your self and body the chance to get through the injury. I dont know how old you are or how long you've done but in my younger days I was in the same boat after being a very good standard of running (Corp BFG ect) and other sport. Because I rushed back into it too soon and tried to get upgraded it has affected me in later life and now in my late thirties injuries are more prone. It might be a hard few months for you but hopefully you will be back on the mend sooner than later. Good luck.
  5. As a former Med Sgt.... you have been placed on P7(R) which is the correct grading.
    The (R) is for review in 6 months time. Dont worry about it, its for your benifit, if you go asking to see other doctors..waste of time..

    If a Platoon Sgt tells you to do something..you dont go and see another one do you!

    Hes there for a reason to make sure you stay off your knee and with the P7R sick chit you are covered so your CSM or any one else cannot drag you out an make you do silly stuff..

    your doing physio right? or have you been Shown what to do in your own time?

    You deploy with your knee damaged, less than 6 months to let it heal and
    The next sick chit you get will be P7(P) Permenant!! Ive seen it happen.
  6. TM ,

    I know where youre coming from , you think you can't deploy, might be scared of being called a waster or feel you're a burdon on your unit. Seriously tho, if you take your time and get fit properly , the chance of a repeat injury or downgrading will be drastically reduced.

    SR knows his stuff and like he says, you're downgraded for a good reason and you don't want it being perm do you ?

    You sound keen to get back to it, which is good cos a lot of folk on the sick adopt the , stuff this Im a biff so Im doing nothing attitude, so you're already showing you're keen to get back, and your ChoC will see that . Don't overdo it tho and set yourself back....

    Take it steady, there will be other tours and exercises don't worry about that

    SB :)
  7. Thanks for advice people. I am on the mend with physiotherapy and hope to be FE in a few months.
  8. just take it easy....Do the physio programme and fet FE again. Even then, take it easy dont go over board on the training. A career in the Army only lasts as long as you healthy and fit.
  9. Top tip, stay with the P7R until they upgrade you. Don't force the issue as you may injur yourself further.