Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by old_1RGJ, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone still serving or not serving explain "in laymans terms"what a P7 is? Having applied for a position in Afghan with an audit team via the TA, I was sent to Chillwell to complete a medical and administration phase before deployment. On the medical phase I was diagnosed with hearing loss and P7'd?,being given home commitment only. Can anyone explain what the grade means and what % of loss of hearing this implies.
    Having served in the regular army during the 80's-90's, the ear defence wasn't what it is today, hence the hearing loss.
  2. as far as im aware mate, P7 is non deployable on ex or op's
  3. I'm pretty sure P7 means that you are only allowed to breath....under supervision :)
  4. doesnt P7 mean, limited service in UK only (excluding NI)......

    not sure but contact admin office or RHO sure someone can sort it out
  5. P7-Fit for Limited Duties

    1,Give regular and efficient service and is not likely to deteriorate if suitably employed and allowed time for regular meals and rest.
    2, They may require regular, continued medical care or supervision and may require regular long-term medication.
    3, Individuals may be restricted in their ability to work at night or undertake shift work.
    4, They may require access to secondary level (hospital) medical facilities.

    P2 FD – Fully Deployable
    P3 LD– Limited Deployabilty
    LD -Limited Deployabilty
    ND – Non-deployable on Ops
    HO - UK, Germany, Belgium, Nepal
    HO (UK) - UK only
    P4 RE (PP) - Restricted employment (pregnant personnel)
    P8 – Does not meet retention standards
  6. Makes him sound more like a retard than just being a bit deaf ffs!