hi, im married to a soldier, hes currently a P7HOUK downgrade, due to getting injured out in afghan last year, hes back at work and doing normal duties, apart from running with weight. he had fractured his lumber spine, and has metal work in it while it was healing. we are now waiting to hear from the surgeon to have them removed. the question is we where due to get posted almost 4 months ago, we both really want to leave this camp. but no one can give him an answer if we can get posted. does anyone have any ideas if we can?


DC is correct, but could possibly have put it better! The RCMO can contact all the right people to find out if your husband can be posted. I doubt it will happen though as the receiving unit will be getting a non-deployable soldier and the Medical admin chain could be well disprupted which is not what is best for your other half.

Bedsides, after the op you described, he must be on physio & re-hab and again that being disrupted could put his recovery back quite a way.
hes waiting for an interview with the RCMO now, he was at headly end of last year and is now doing rehab here, the problem is that he has been at this posting for 6 years and really wants to go, alot of the people in his sqn seem constantly ask him when he will be better, even after telling them everything. he hasnt got any problems doing his trade, so that maybe swing us a way out of here. we both feel a fresh start will help with his recovery and getting back to normal.

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